Famous Problems

(sequel to "Jealousy") Belle Hinton, a seventeen year old girl, has tough times because her friends and family keep slowly disappearing. First her worst enemy at school, and now the people who mean the most to her. She met the boys when Niall (her cousin) introduced her to them. Since then, the boys have taken her into their hands. Belle is slowly becoming more famous and the tour goes on. And thats whn it starts happening. "Famous Problems"


5. Internship


We called a hotel and booked a couple rooms. A couple minutes later, we got to the hotel and already, there were girls everywhere. We entered the hotel and all six of us got vigorously pushed through the crowd by body guards and police men. Once we got through the hotel lobby and to the elevators, the boys were acting totally normal, while i was in the corner of the elevator, wondering what just happened. We stepped out of the elevator and rushed to our rooms. We quickly got dressed and snuck out the back door of the hotel. We crept out to the van and hopped in. We drove about five minutes to the venue in which the boys were performing. We went inside the back stage doors and the boys all went into their rooms. I stood out in the hallway awkwardly. 



"Would you like some water?" A girl said.

"Yes. Please."

"Hi. My name is Sydney. Im an intern.. I thought this would be much more fun. I thought id be doing more than just handing out water." Sydney had long dark brown hair and was a little shorter than i was.

"Hello Sydney. Nice to meet you. Im Belle."

"Nice to meet you too."

The boys walked out of their dressing rooms, dressed in their normal outfits. I looked over at the boys.

"Is there anything that my friend Sydney could do for you guys?" I looked over at Sydney, who was staring over at Niall. Niall obviously saw that Sydney was staring at him.

"Could you come help me with my tie? I have no clue how to do this."

Sydney pranced over and tied up his tie. Once she was done, she looked back at me with a huge smile. The boys walked to where the stage, and backstage meet. 

"Good luck!" I said right before they went on stage.

"So how do you know the boys?" Sydney asked. "Wait.. Are you.." I nodded.

*an hour later*

Im still watching them preform , but now im down in front of the front row. Its kinda hard to see them because im right up against the stage, but its fun to see all of the screaming girls. I brought Sydney down here so she could have fun with her little internship. 

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