Famous Problems

(sequel to "Jealousy") Belle Hinton, a seventeen year old girl, has tough times because her friends and family keep slowly disappearing. First her worst enemy at school, and now the people who mean the most to her. She met the boys when Niall (her cousin) introduced her to them. Since then, the boys have taken her into their hands. Belle is slowly becoming more famous and the tour goes on. And thats whn it starts happening. "Famous Problems"


24. Famous Problems


So over the next six months, Zayn and I got married at the park in front of my old house, Zayn, Sydney and I went to the Ed Sheeran concert, and became quite good friends with him, Sydney got to open for the boys almost every night , Niall and Sydney got to know each other better, Harry met a girl name Arica, and i think they are getting quite friendly with each other, Zayn and I got the two week break, to go on our honey moon, which was traveling the world. We didn't exactly get to go everywhere because we only had two weeks. And thats about it. Its been an exciting year or so, and Im excited to see what comes ahead. So my famous problems have gone away. Well of course not all the way, but all the annoying stuff. So i hope thats the end of my famous problems. 

Because it sure is the end of yours.


The End

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