Famous Problems

(sequel to "Jealousy") Belle Hinton, a seventeen year old girl, has tough times because her friends and family keep slowly disappearing. First her worst enemy at school, and now the people who mean the most to her. She met the boys when Niall (her cousin) introduced her to them. Since then, the boys have taken her into their hands. Belle is slowly becoming more famous and the tour goes on. And thats whn it starts happening. "Famous Problems"


9. Countdown


 I looked inside the coffee shop, just to see Sydney sitting at a table with a coffee and a muffin, looking very impatient. I walked inside and Sydney turned her head at the ding of the door. I sat down across from her.

"So? What do you wanna do?" I asked, kinda impatient to hear her answer.

"Well.. I would like to do it, but if you really dont-"

"No. I do. Just.. Im kinda curious. I mean it is just a comment. Maybe its just someone fooling with us."

Sydney looked down at her muffin. "Well we have their email. We can get a lot out of an email." She looked at me with a grin. I smiled back. We pulled out my laptop and i switched over to an email that i rarely use. I typed in the email and scrolled over to the message box, and simply typed "Details about your offer?". Sydney and I got some more coffee and muffins and within the next three to four minutes, we had a reply. It seemed pretty real. Flight times, recording dates. I mean. Whats not to believe about this? 

"Come with me. I think i know some people that can help us on this." We shot right out of the coffee shop and i put on my sunglasses. I realized that sooner or later, Sydney was gonna need a pair of these sunglasses too, because her normal life wasn't going to last much longer. We made our way quickly to the tour bus where the boys were. 


"This looks pretty real to me." Louis said, handing the computer over to Liam.

"I have to agree." 

"So you guys are thinking about doing this?" Louis asked. We both nodded. I took the computer back and started to reply to the emial.

"What should i say?" I asked all of them. I looked over at Zayn who looked kinda gloomy. "Are you okay with me going?"

"Well yeah. Its just... Usually these kinda things take a couple of months." I quickly started to type in the message box, waited a few minutes, and instantly got a reply.

"Looks like it will only take about two and a half weeks." I said, proving to Zayn that it wasn't going to take that long.

"I can live with that." Zayn nodded then smiled.


The next day, Sydney and I were all packed up and ready to go. The boys had the night off, so they took us to the airport. WE got through security and waked over to the plane doors. We said our good-byes. I gave Zayn a quick peck on the lips and smiled. Sydney and I walked to the doors. I took a quick look back waved to the boys. Its only two weeks. Ill be fine. Sydney and I took our seats on the plane and Before we took off, i checked my phone. Of course. I had a text from Zayn, saying bye, which brought me to tears a little bit. I looked at my email. I had a couple emails. Some from my school, some from friends, and one from an unknown user. I clicked on it.


"Your not the only one going through this." the email stated.

I saw that the plane did have wifi and that i could see if i got anymore emails. a couple minuted later, Sydney and I both, were asleep. 

About an hour later, i woke up to the noise of my phone dinging. I looked at it. I was another email form the same unknown user.


"Everyone on that plane. Those are my victims. And you should know by now. I want them gone. I want you gone." 


I gasped a little about this email. I tapped Sydney's shoulder. She looked at me with sleepy eyes.

"Have you been getting weird messages? Like as if someone is blackmailing you?" Her eyes shot open, as if a bell went off right in her ears.

"You've been getting them too?" I nodded. Then i looked in realization. That email is true. Something bad is going to happen to us.

"We need to get off this plane."

"What? Why?" 

I quickly showed her the email. She couldn't speak. I cant call 911. I cant contact anyone. I got another email.




I was kinda confused about this one.




They're counting down! Something bad is going to happen! I stood up, hoping to do something before i got the next email. Before i got the flight attendant....



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