Famous Problems

(sequel to "Jealousy") Belle Hinton, a seventeen year old girl, has tough times because her friends and family keep slowly disappearing. First her worst enemy at school, and now the people who mean the most to her. She met the boys when Niall (her cousin) introduced her to them. Since then, the boys have taken her into their hands. Belle is slowly becoming more famous and the tour goes on. And thats whn it starts happening. "Famous Problems"


16. Announcements


I looked back at Zayn, slowly changing my mind about all of this. Right before I try to get off the ledge, I slip. I start to fall. I can feel the air from beneath me slowly slip away everything was going in slow motion. I hit the surface. I opened my eyes.. I am lying on the ground, wincing in pain. Harry and Zayn came rushing over to me. Am i dreaming? I looked around as my vision focused. I'm lying on the sidewalk that's on the side of the bridge.. I guess i fell the wrong way. I didn't fall off the bridge, i fell onto the bridge. But it still hurt. I'm just glad I didn't actually jump. Harry and Zayn helped me up. They looked very concerned. I started to laugh a weird laugh.


When Belle started to laugh after her head was bleeding, i was a bit worried that she was high or something. She wouldn't stand up straight and she was saying some pretty weird things. We carried her all the way back to the tour bus, in the pouring rain. Zayn and I took turns giving her piggy back rides.

You probably thinking that i was a real douche for asking her out right after Zayn had broken up with her. Well he told me that he was going to propose.. I just never got a chance to tell her how i felt. And she never really got the option to go out with me.. So if she did like me all along, then she would say yes to me, and if she liked Zayn more, then she would say no. Its as simple as that. 

I handed belle over to Zayn so he could take his shift. We walked about a mile when we finally got to the bus. We walked inside and laid her on the couch.. Her head was still bleeding, we got a towel and put it on her head. We decided to not take her to the hospital. I think shes been there enough.. The boys acme out to see the cut. It was pretty big, bit i doubt it will need stitches. We all went to bed. 


My eyes slowly open up. I look at the clock. Its three in the morning.. I'm wide awake. But i have a huge headache. I touched the back of me head where it hurt. There was a huge scab.. Everything rushed back to me in the blink of an eye. I remember now! I cant believe I actually almost jumped.. But its not that im surprised about. Did i hear Zayn and Harry wrong? Or did Harry ask me out and did Zayn propose? I thought for awhile and decided that i did hear them right. I walked over to the back room where my bed was. I walked right to bed. I fell asleep right away.

*next day*


I walked to the living room area and Belle wasn't there. So i checked the back room and thankfully, she was there. She must be feeling better. I got a bowl out and got a box of cereal. Moments later, The rest of the boys came out. Niall came rushing to the fridge. It was remarkable how much he got out of the fridge in one trip. He had a box of nachos in one hand, cheese in another, and toppings in his mouth, arms and in between his neck and shoulder. 

"Really? Nachos for breakfast?" 

He looked at me.. Oh. Of course.. Hes Niall. Niall likes to eat. Therefor hes eating a jumbo plate of nachos for breakfast... Belle walked out of the back room.

"Well good morning!" I said as cheerfully as i could.

"Morning.." She said with no emotion at all. 

She also got  a bowl and got some cereal. She ate in silence.

"Soo.. Are you feeling any better?" Harry asked Belle.

"Yeah. I just have a splitting headache."

"Hey Belle... Can i talk to you in the back room?"

She didn't say anything and just stood up and walked to the back room. That made me nervous that she was maybe mad at me. I followed her into the room.

"Yes?" She asked in a faint voice. 

"I was wrong about breaking up with you. I thought that you were getting really stressed out about everything and that you needed a break.. Not me." She juts nodded. "So.. Did you actually need a break?"

"i actually liked all of this 'being busy' stuff. It kept be from being bored."

"So? Can we just forget everything about our break up?"

"Well seeing that i faintly remember it, i don't think it will be very hard to forget." She said with giggle, then quickly putting her hand on her head. 

"Lets go ice that and rest for a little bit. Do you think you will be able to come to the concert tonight?"

"It depends on how my head holds up.." 

I nodded. Belle went and laid down, well i went and got an ice pack. I came back and gave her the ice pack.

"Ya know.. I could use a nap right about now." I said in a high pitched voice. She smiled and patted the space next to her, signaling me to lay down. I jumped into the bed like a little kid. she laughed and quickly put her hand on her head again. "Whoops.. Sorry.."

*Hours later*


"Wake up! We have to go in thirty minutes!" I looked at the clock. Had i really slept the whole day? Had Belle really slept the whole day? She has never even slept past nine! I quickly got up and woke up Belle.

"Do you want to come to the concert? If so, you need to get up right now." She nodded and got up. She went straight tot he shower.

Once we were all ready, we drove to Sydney's hotel and picked her up. Belle and Sydney were still a little bit mad at each other, and they still haven't worked out the whole record deal thing. They should probably do that soon. We didn't invite Sydney because Belle wanted to, but because Niall wanted to. Hahaha! Once we got to the venue, we walked out of the bus to go meet some fans. This was the first time that Belle got to do this. She even signed a couple things. She seemed to be having fun. We walked into the stadium and went straight to out dressing rooms. Belle and Sydney stood in the hall in silence.


Sydney and I haven't worked out the whole record deal thing yet.. And i think we probably should..

"You can have it."


"You can have the record deal."

"What? Why?"

"Because.. I have a good life already. I already have lots of money. You need this. And you definitely deserve it. Once you get to open for the boys, you can come on the bus with us. And live on the bus for the rest of the tour and after, hopefully go out on your own tours."

"Are you sure?"

"Im positive. Its better for both of us."

"Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" She said as she gave me a big hug. I laughed and then put my hand up to my head because it still hurt. The boys came out. Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry all walked to the edge of the stage, while Zyan stopped to talk to me. 

"Look. Im sorry. I didn't think that you were going to end up coming, so i just got some normal tickets for you guys. They are pretty far back. Is that alright? Or do you want to stay back here?"

"Im sure we'll be fine in the back." I said with a smile.

"Thanks babe." He gave me the tickets and a kiss on the cheek. Sydney and I mad out way to where the normal seating was. We were pretty far back. We were on the floor, but it was way in the back. But that's alright. Its not like this is the last Once Direction concert that ill be going to. The stadium started to fill with people. It was crazy on how many young kids were here. That got me thinking. How many of these girls, like Zayn.. I looked around. It was pretty obvious on who did. Because a big majority of them were wearing shirts with his face on the front. I should get one of those. But im wearing a collared dress.. so that wouldn't work. The concert was about to start. 

About halfway through that concert, i had decided that this was the best concert yet. She were all full of energy. Especially Niall and Zayn. They looked pretty pumped up for something. They finished up the ending to 'Little Things'. 

"Now Niall and I have some special girls to call up to the stage." The crowd started screaming. "Yes. All of you are special. But i have some specific people picked out. Now Niall. You can go first." Zayn said into the microphone.

"Sydney. Are you out there? Well of course you are." Sydney started to walk up the isle in shock. "Will you do the honors of being my girlfriend?" She walked right up onto the stage and gave Niall a hug.

"Of course." She said and then simply walked off the stage, trying to stay cool. She kept in her excitement until she got back to her seat, where she started to scream with excitement. 

"Now I have an announcement." Zayn said. "Belle Hynton. I know i've asked you this already, but it was in an awkward situation, and i don't know if you heard me, or even remember from the fall. But..." He got down on one knee and pulled a velvet box out of his coat pocket. "Will you marry me?" 

I ran down the isle nearly to tears. I ran up on stage and gave him a huge hug. I looked at him speechless and nodded. She slipped the ring onto my left ring finger. And as always, ended this cute announcement with a dramatically long kiss. No need to go into details. I ran back down the stairs and went back to my seat. Acting the same way Sydney was when she got her little announcement. We both looked at each  other and just like best friends would, we jumped up and down, screaming. I looked down at my ring, and holy crap! It was huge! But it was beautiful. I don't think i've ever been this happy.

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