Demi's life hadn't been easy. She lived on the run, people wanted her, people wanted to kill her.


1. Runaway

I grabbed what I could and left. I put on my hood so my face was hidden only showing the shadow of my chin. I ran through the street. Avoiding the afternoon hustle . My face was everywhere. The posters covered the cracks in the bricks, it covered the old paint on the street lights, it covered windows of  empty shops. It was near impossible for me to leave the street. Near impossible but I still made it. Between two shops was a small alleyway meant to be used for goods to be taken to the back. I used it as the way to get to my house. There were other ways to get there of course but this way was the easiest way for me to avoid getting caught. I covered my mouth, the alley wasn't the nicest smelling place but I really didn't want to get caught. I opened one of the shop back doors and walked in. I put my bag of stolen food on the table and took of my hoodie. I emptied the bag and took out an apple to eat. I lied down on the ruined sofa, just a part of the little furniture I had, and went to sleep.

The next morning I was woken up by loud shouts.  As I looked through the curtains I saw two large men standing in the doorway of the house next door. They were shouting at my neighbor and the next thing I knew the men were carrying my neighbor into a van. As far as they knew no one lived in my house, they thought it had been empty for months. The lights were never on and I never turned on a radio or TV even though my room had both. I was feeling particularly adventurous that day so I walked out my house to see if the men had gone into any of the other shops. It looked as though the street was empty so I walked down the street looking for anything to help me figure out why they took my neighbor.

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