Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


3. Thai


“How was your first day?” My guardian, Ella asks.

“Good, I met some really nice girls.” I take an apple from the fruit bowl, sinking on to a bar stool beside the breakfast bar. Ella is sipping on a cup of coffee, her bright pink hair wavy down past her shoulders.

“Any cute boys?” She waggles her eyebrows at me, hiding a grin behind her coffee cup. I shake my head, laughing. But something on my face must have given me away because Ella was on to me.

“Spill,” She demands, setting her cup down on the counter.

“There's nothing to tell.” I take another bite of my apple, averting my gaze from hers.

“If you say so,” She cocks her eyebrows before leaving me alone in the large kitchen. Sighing, I grab my bag from the floor and head up the stairs. Ella had made sure that my room was the first to be decorated; white walls splattered with swirling crimson patterns. A large white four-posted bed sits in the far corner, an antique set of white a bed stand, chest of drawers, full-length mirror and wardrobe takes up the rest of the room. I have the master bedroom too, with an en suite. This house is truly huge. It's only because Ella has a job as an artist for the big museum owners in Wrickenwridge. She gets paid a lot of money now, so she brought this huge house and the rest on me. I loved Ella, she had taken me in when no one else wanted me. I had been abandoned as a child, abused and left outside of a petrol station in the cold winter rain. I shivered at the thought. I had been moved around from home to home up until I was twelve, when Ella took me on. She was now my full guardian and I thought of her more of an older sister than a mother. Ella was only in her twenties and very beuatiful. With long bright pink hair, a tongue and nose piercing, tattoos of butterflies treading up her arm and her bohemic way of dressing she was different and my inspiration. Ella didn't care what people thought of her and I really wished I could feel the same.

“Scarlett?” A knock sounds on my door. Ella's head appears through the doorway and she smiles at my room.

“I was thinking of going out for dinner,” She returns her attention to me.

“There's a Thai place overlooking the beach that looks lovely.” Ella steps inside, opening up my wadrobe to peer inside.

“Dress up nice, none of this oversized jumpers and leggings crap, Scar.”

“But I love my jumpers!” I proclaim, receiving a glare from her.

“You have such a lovely figure but you never show it off!” She exclaims, throwing a dress at me.

“I'll be ready in an hour,” She calls before leaving the room. I pick up the dress and frown at it. It's a beautiful dress, just not on me. I spend the next half an hour doing homework before sighing and pushing up off my bed. Pulling off my clothes, I pull on the dress. The dress falls down to my knees, the black skirt on top is a soft fabric. A section is cut out of the halter neck top; replaced with thick lace that is embroided with a pattern similar to the one on my wall. I slick on some eye-liner; flicking it at the corners. I let my hair fall down in loose waves to my waist, pulling one side up with a black clip shaped like a cross. My lips are a dark red, my lashes lined with mascara. My purple irises gleam; seeming brighter in the dim light. Pulling on some black pumps with crosses on the toe, I grab my phone and head down the stairs.

“See!” Ella exclaims as I descend the stairs.

“What?” I chuckle.

“You can look even more beautiful when you dress up and let your hair down,” She gleams at me.

“You look nice yourself,” I note, taking in her floral printed bra-let, wet-look leggings and Roman sandals. Her pink her is straight and hangs down her back.

“Let's go,” She hooks her arm through mine and we head out of the door.


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