Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


12. Spirit


Climbing over the fence we walk towards her. Immediately she's not happy at the sight of Logan

“Woah, girl.” He says, hands raised in a sign of surrender. Her ears are back and she's already looking uneasy even though we're twenty feet away.

“Wait, stay here.” I tell a confused looking Logan.

“It's okay,” I say, advancing towards the horse.

“I'm not going to hurt you,” Slowly, I make my way over to her. I finally reach her and lay my hands gently on her neck. At first, she pulls away but slowly she begins to relax.

“Good girl, Spirit. Good girl,” I say, running my hands over her.

“Here,” Logan holds a head-collar out to me from where he stands and I walk calmly to get it. I turn back and return to Spirit. I watch as she looks at the head-collar suspiciously and when I lift it up she starts to back away.

“No, no. It's okay, look.” I slowly put the head-collar on the floor and pick it up again. I do this several times then inch towards her. She stands still this time, looking right at me. Carefully, I place the head-collar over my own neck and take it off again. Then, I guide her head into it and secure the buckle in to place.

“Good girl,” I grin, patting her. She whinnies in response and I laugh. I slowly start to lead her towards Logan and he stares at me, mouth wide open.

“I can't believe you just, you-” He stretches his hand out and pats Spirit softly.

“She just needed showing that it's nothing to be afraid of. I think she was beaten by people at some point in her life,” I shrug and pat her nose beside Logan's hand.

“That's most likely, she is a rescue.” Logan runs a hand through his hair, tugging at the roots.

“Let's take her in,” He says and I nod. Leading her inside the stable, many of the people around stare in shock at Spirit and me.

“Well,” One boy says, clearly impressed.

“You got old Spirit here to let you put the head-collar on her?” He asks Logan.

“Not me, Scar did.” He smiles proudly as I put Spirit in to her stable.

“She just needed showing that it was nothing to be scared of,” I say as I close the stable door. Looking up, I take the boy in. He resembles Logan in his sandy blonde hair and blue eyes but he is much more lean.

“Scar, this is Chase. My twit of and older brother,” Logan grins at his brother.

“Nice to meet you Scar,” Chase offers me his hand.

“You should try and ride that thing,” Chase nods at. Spirit in her stable.

“I don't know if-” Logan starts but Chase interrupts him.

“She didn't rear up or step away when you came near?” He asks me and I shake my head.

“She was fine,” I place her head-collar on the rack.

“Well, then she obviously trusts you. She hasn't been ridden for a few months as no one could. You should definitely try it. Just sit on her if you don't feel confident.” Chase smiles at me.

“She only started riding again today-” Logan starts to protest but I stop him.

“I'll do it.” I nod, determined.


“Steady, Scar.” Logan says as he gives me a boost on to Spirit's back. At the last moment she steps away and I come crashing down on to Logan. We land on the grass in a heap, laughing uncontrollably.

“Logan,” I breath as his face comes closer to mine.

“Oit!” Chase shouts.

“Lets try again,” Logan smiles. I stand up, cheeks bruising red.

“Okay, 1,2,3!” I place my foot in the stirrup and fling my body onto the saddle. Spirit shuffles at first and I quickly gather the reins in my hands. Pulling on them, I try to steady myself.

“Woah, girl.” I say as she goes to rear up. After a few minutes she relaxes and we begin to walk around the field.

“Wow,” Logan says, laughing and shaking his head.

“She's doing good, try trotting.” Logan pats Spirit gently.

“Okay, girl.” I say and nudge her on. At first she refuses, swishing her tail in denial. I ask her again and this time she gives in. Breaking in to a fast trot she speeds away from Logan. Before I know it we're cantering and I’m laughing as the wind whips through my hair.

“BE careful!” Logan calls out. I turn her to the right and she spots a jump set up for one of the later lessons. Before I can stop her, Spirit charges towards it and I fight to pull her back.

“Scar!” Logan calls but Spirit's already jumping over the jump so I fold over and we land with no trouble at all.

“Oh my god, good girl. Woah,” I say, pulling her back into a walk. We come up towards a shocked looking Logan and Chase.

“She likes to jump,” Chase smiles.


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