Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


17. Purple-eyed girl


“Scar, Scar.” Logan shakes my shoulders and I open my eyes wide with a loud gasp.

“Oh my god,” I breath.

“Scar, what happened?” His eyes are frantic and I sit up, wiping the sand from my back.

“I... I had another memory.” I close my eyes, my heading burning from the pressure inside my skull.

“What about?” He takes my hand in his, running his thumb over my knuckles reassuringly. I relive my memory to him in detail and before I can finish, he's dragging me towards his car roughly by the arm.


“Logan, where are we going?!” I ask for the 20th time since he started driving. He doesn't answer, his eyes cold and hard, fixated on the road.

“Logan!” I exclaim, making him jump slightly.

“Scar, just wait.” His voice is even and strangely calm. I sigh and flop back on to the seat. I stare ahead at the dark road as we pull up towards the ranch. The horse's eyes glint from the lights on the car and Logan pulls the car to a stop before jumping out. I jump out too and follow him up the front steps and he pushes open the door.

“Logan?” A woman asks, dressed in a dressing gown with a cup of coffee in her hand. She frowns at him as he slams the door behind me. The woman offers me a small smile and I return it hesitantly.

“Mom, where's Dad?” He asks, glancing up the oak stairs.

“He's out working on one of the stables, why what's wrong?” She asks, concerned.

“Take Scar in to the kitchen, I’ll be two minutes.” Logan commands, stepping out of the door once again. I smile shyly and Mrs White smiles back.

“Come dear,” She says, leading me into the large kitchen. Grey walls are lined with white cupboards and counters. Mrs White tightens her robe and smiles again, this time with a hint of unease.

“So you're Scarlett,” She states and I nod.

“I heard about how well you've been doing with Spirit. I'm so glad as she is a lovely horse. I haven't had a chance to properly watch you but I saw when you jumped her the other day. Thank you so much, dear.” She says, pulling her long blonde hair back in to a braid.

“Thank you for letting me have her,” I smile back, glancing nervously at the door. Logan bustles in a few seconds later, Mr White and Chase behind him.

“What's the problem?” Mr White frowns, wiping his hands on an oil-stained cloth.

“Scar, show my dad what you showed me at the beach.” Logan says, his face stern. I clear my throat uneasily and slowly take a seat on the floor. Crossing my legs, I give everyone a shy smile before closing my eyes. I dip in to my mind and the small butterfly appears before I say anything.

“She didn't say anything,” Mrs White breaths, taken aback.

“I haven't been able to do that before,” I breath too, staring in awe at the purple butterfly. I focus on the butterfly and command it to fly in my mind. Gently, it's wings begin to flap and it takes to the air; dancing and spinning like a snowflake.

Purpura luscus puella,” Mr White says and an eerie silence fills the kitchen.

“The purple-eyed girl,” I translate immediately.

“But what do my eyes have to do with this?” I absent-mindedly touch the corner of my eye and the butterfly lands gently on my knee.

“You, my dear, are the Adjurator.” He says, his face white with shock.


I toss and turn that night; my duvet twisting around my body. I can't sleep. I can't think.


The purple-eyed girl.


I think back to my mother's story, then to the way the hooded firgure dragged her away.



“Urgh,” I groan out loud, turning over once more. Finally, I fall in to a fit of sleep, full of paint horses, princesses and hooded figures.

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