Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


9. Papilio


I slowly open my eyelids to an empty bedroom. Sighing, I pull back the covers and rest my elbows on my knees. Pulling at the roots of my hair, I bite back a scream. Why did it feel like I was losing everything again? A flash of a memory passes through my mind and I gasp.


Papilio,” The woman says. I stare in amazement as a small butterfly appears in her palm; translucent, as if it's made of smoke.

Volare,” She whispers to the butterfly, as if it's a secret. The butterfly immediately begins to flap it's soft wings; heading up in to the sky. I watch as it disappears from view in the clouds.

Revertetur,” The woman shouts in to the air and I gasp as the small butterfly returns, landing smoothly on her palm once more. The women closes her palm and the butterfly disappears.

“Mummy, teach me!” I cry out to her.

“Repeat after me,” She says, smiling warmly. I copy her and wait for the butterfly to appear.

“Why won't it come, Mummy?” I frown in disappointment.

“You have to believe, Scar. Believe,” Her warm purple eyes identical mine dance in the bright sun. I squeeze my eyes shut and muster all of my emotions, thoughts and concentration in to the butterfly.

Papilio,” I whisper.


Opening my eyes, I draw in a sharp breath. I hadn't remembered anything from my childhood before. Why now? I sit cross-legged on the floor and close my eyes again. Outstretching my palm I think back to my mother's words and whisper quietly: “Papilio,”. A small purple butterfly made of smoke appears in my palm, flapping it's wings lightly; creating a soft breeze on my face.

“Oh my God,” I breath, my heart pounding.

Vola-” I start but Brooke's voice booms through my house.

“Scar?” I hear footsteps on the landing so I fold my hand in, causing the butterfly to disappear. Breathing a sigh of relief, I stand up from the floor as she enters my room.

“What are you doing?” She asks, frowning.

“I dropped a hair pin,” I say.

“Ah, I hate that.” She wrinkles her nose before making her way over to my bed. Sitting down on it, she grins at me.

“Guess what,” Brooke squeals.

“What?” I ask as I begin pulling my hair in to a bun.

“Brady asked me out on a date,” Her eyes are wide and excited.

“Brooke, that's great!” I beam at her.

“I know,” Her smile is wide and I force one upon my lips too.

“So, do you want to come to the mall with me today?” She asks.

“I need a new outfit for the date.”

“I'll be twenty minutes.” I say, heading in to the shower. 

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