Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


13. My Own

“Scar!” Ella calls up the stairs. Placing my guitar gently on to my bed I open my bedroom door and poke my head around the landing.

“Yeah?” I ask.

“Phone's ringing,” She says, waving my mobile around at the bottom of the stairs. I rush down and grab it just before it goes to answer phone.



“Logan,” I smile as I enter my room again.

“I erm... me and my dad were talking earlier and I told him about how you got on so well with Spirit yesterday so...” He coughs uncomfortably.

“We were wondering if you wanted to take Spirit on?” My stomach pings excitedly and I break out in to a smile.

“I'm... Thank you but,” I sigh, reality sinking in.

“I don't think Ella can afford it.” I slump down on to my bed, deflated.

“No worries, you don't need to pay anything. We own her anyway so it would be a big help if you could bring her on.” Logan's voice is cheerful.

“Oh Logan, thank you. I'd love to,” I beam again. My own horse, wow.

“See you tomorrow at eight?” He asks and I tell him i'll be there.

“Oh and Scar?” Logan says as I’m about to put the phone down.


“Did you want to go to... did you want to go to dinner with me before the beach party on Saturday?” My stomach pings.

“I'd love to,” I bite my lip, holding back a smile.

“Great, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye, Logan.”

“Sleep well, Scar.”


Saturday rolls around and I fling myself out of bed, buzzing with excitement. I hop in the shower and let the warm water run over my body. Jumping out I pull on my denim shorts and grey t-shirt, grab my hat and whip as well as my keys and head down the stairs. Leaving a note to Ella, I rush out of the door and down the street at a run. As I round the corner to the quiet stables my phone buzzes in my pocket. Pulling it out, I unlock the screen.

Get your butt down to the mall for some serious shopping. You need a killer outfit for tonight, no arguments. I'll pick you up once your done with horse boy at one. B X

I smile at the text and tell Brooke that I’ll be there as I enter the stables. I walk over to Spirit's stable and glance at Moon in the stable beside her. But it's empty. Confused, I enter Spirit's stable and take off her rug. Pulling on her head-collar I jump on to her bare-back. Over the past week I’d got on extremely well with her and she had really taken a liking to me. Logan was even able to ride her yesterday.

“Come on girl,” I say, kicking her on out of her stable and in to the fields. At a slow walk, I let her get warmed up when I spot another horse around 50 metres away. It slowly gets closer and Moon and Logan come in to view.

“Morning,” He says, pulling him to a walk beside Spirit.

“Morning to you too,” I smile.

“No saddle?” He asks, raising his eyebrows.

“Nope, she's doing really well.” I pat her affectionately.

“She sure is, you've done really well, Scar. I'm proud.” He smiles impishly at me.

“Thank you,” I smile back.

“The park?” He asks and I frown.

“What do you mean?”

“Let's take them to the park,” Logan nods at the street.

“I have no saddle,” I nod at Spirit's bare back.

“It's fine, my dad's got permission for hacking around these areas.” Logan smiles before turning Moon around. Following him, we head out of the ranch and on to the empty streets. Only a few people mill about, dog walking or jogging. Many cast us curious glances as the two huge horses trot towards the park.

“I'm really excited for tonight,” I look shyly over at Logan.

“So am I,” He grins back.


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