Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


2. Music


“So, how are you finding America?” He asks as we walk side by side to the nearest block.

“It's warm,” I admit, looking up at the clear blue sky.

“Yeah, doesn't seem that way to me but I’ve lived here all my life.” He shrugs, looking around.

“Here you are,” He gestures at a large building, separate from the rest of the school.

“Thank you,” I smile at him, before heading inside. The sound of a beautiful song on the piano floats down the hall and I head towards it. I glance through the glass doors, seeing Mrs Green at the head of a white grand piano. A group of other students stand around her, hands occupied with various instruments. A Hispanic girl with dark hair down past her bum caresses a saxophone; making it sing. A boy sits on a stall, guitar in hand. I watch in awe as his hands move swiftly up and down the neck of the deep blue instrument. I'm concentrating so much on the music coming from the large recital hall that I’m taken aback when Mrs Green's face appears on the other side of the glass. She opens the door and ushers me inside.

“Ah, Scarlett.” She smiles, stepping to the side to allow me through. Shyly, I step in to the large hall.

“So, do you play anything?” She gestures at the many instruments in the room. The Hispanic girl lowers her sax and grins at me.

“Erm...” I hesitate, chewing the bottom of my lip.

“Don't be shy,” Mrs Green smiles again.

“Erm... I play piano, guitar and I sing.” I stroke the keys of the piano. Mrs Green claps her hands in delight, like a child on christmas morning.

“Sit!” She instructs, pushing me on to the piano stall.

“Xavier, Suna, Finn,” She points at the other students,

Take a seat,” The three musicians sit down along with a few others on the chairs that look over the small stage.

“Right, take it away.” Mrs Green says, giving me one last nod before taking a seat beside the students. I breath a shaky breath and begin playing. At first, my voice is hesitant. But then, it's just me and the piano. I finish the song, my voice becoming softer and timid again as I realise what I just did. When I finally stop, the group of students and Mrs Green bursts in to applause.

“That was wonderful!” She exclaims, standing from her seat.

You have the voice of an angel!” She can't stop grinning and I look around at the rest of the people. Then I notice someone that wasn't there before. Logan. He sits on a chair at the very back, the ghost of a smile playing at his lips.

“Right now, on to the spring showcase this semester!” I tear my eyes away from him and try to focus on what the teacher is saying.

“Go and collect letters from the office!” She says, ushering the students out. I run my fingers softly over the keys, bouncing on them but not making a sound. I play and sing 'The power of love' to myself. Well, atleast I thought I was alone. Looking up in horror I see Logan White advancing towards me, guitar gripped in hand. He takes a seat on a chair beside the piano and nods at me.

“Carry on,” He smiles impishly. My fingers tremble as I begin to play again. At first I sing on my own, then he joins in, the guitar harmonising beneath our voices. Once it finishes, I sheepishly pull my fingers from the keys and look down at my hands in my lap.

“You've got a real talent,” Logan says, strumming a chord on the guitar.

“Thank you,” I say, glancing up. Boy, he was even hotter close up. His face freezes in horror and he rushes out of the room. I hadn't said that out loud? Had I? 

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