Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


15. Missing Shoe

“Logan!” I shout, laughing. I run after him, the still warm sand from the sunlight carressing my feet. I search the dark and head in the direction of music. As I near the gathering, I see the crowd of teenagers from Wrickenwridge. Some standing with cans of drink in hands, others seated on the floor.

“Logan!” I shout over the noise again, scanning the crowd for him.

“Scar!” Brooke shouts and I wander over to her, glancing around still.

“Where's your other shoe?” She asks, frowning at my single heel in my hand.

“Logan has it,” I say and her eyebrows raise.

“Have fun did we?” She grins and Amy laughs hysterically.

“Shut up,” I giggle, hitting her with my shoe.

“Look after it!” I shout at her as I leave the shoe with her and speed off to the other side of the crowd.

“Logan!” I shout again, nearing Brady and Justin where they squat beside a tower of wood; matches held near.

“Have you seen Logan?” I ask Brady and he shakes his head.

“Tell Brooke i'll be over soon,” He says, his breath reeking of alcohol.

“Sure,” I mumble, heading back to Brooke and Amy where they sit on a towel layed out on the towel.

“Oh, the boys are lighting the fire!” Amy exclaims as the wood goes up in flames. There are around thirty people here and I drag the towel with Brook closer to the fire. We huddle beside it and I tell Brooke what Brady said.

“Where's Logan?” She asks, glancing around.

“No idea,” I reply, glumly. He was meant to be hear with me but instead he'd vanished with my heel.

“Looking for this?” A voice chimes from behind me. My heel dangles from Logan's fingers in front of my face. Grabbing it, I cuddle it close to my chest.

“Don't do that,” I say, mock frowning at Logan. Now that he was near me again, I felt safe; secure.

“I'm sorry,” He says, bashfully. He takes a seat beside me on the sand and I stare ahead at the fire.

“Brooke!” Brady exclaims, coming in to view.

“Brady!” Brooke jumps up from the sand and entangles her legs around his waist before their lips lock together.

“You alright Amy?” I ask her, noticing her sad expression.

“Yeah,” She sighs, stretching her long legs out in-front of her.

“Spill it,” I say, edging closer to her.

“It's just, your all together and then there's just me on my own.” She sighs again, eyes sad.

“Technically I’m not with Logan yet,”

Yet,” His voice sounds in my head and I glare at him over my shoulder but his eyes twinkle in amusement.

“But you will be!” Amy says, throwing her arms in the air.

“I wouldn't count on it,” I lower my voice, hoping he won't hear.

But you know what we are, Scar. I'm not letting that go.” His voice is determined. I hold my hand across his mouth behind me and smile at Amy.

“You'll find someone, I promise. How about that new boy in my math class?” I ask and her eyes flicker with recognition.

“The dark-haired one?” A ghost of a smile traces her lips.

“Yep, I think he's called Preston.” I glance around at the crowds, trying to spot him.

He's over by his van with Brady and Brooke,” Logan thinks and I repeat this to Amy. She stands up and with one last smile to me and Logan, heads off to find him.

“Thank you,” I say, leaning my head on his shoulder. The fire illuminates his face; orange and red dancing across his features subtly.

“Any-time, he was talking about her the other day you know.” Logan notes, nodding at the van in the distance.

“Who, Amy?” I ask, glancing up at him.

“Yep, he's on the football team.” Logan chews on his bottom lip.

“What's up?” I ask, sitting up and looking at him properly.

“Have you decided yet?” He asks, his green eyes hopeful.

“Decided what?” I ask, avoiding his eyes.

If you believe me,” His voice sounds in my head.

“Logan I have to show you something,” I say out loud. I still wasn't used to the idea of talking to him in my head... it was just so.... intimate. He doesn't answer, just lifts his eyebrows up slightly. I take him by the hand and lead him across the beach, away from the party. 

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