Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


10. Horses


I felt like I should tell Brooke about Logan showing up at my door, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I mean, what would I tell her? That the best looking boy in the school knocked on my door with flowers, telling me that we're practically made for eachother? Yeah, that sounds totally normal.

“So, I could go all sophisticated and mature with a simple black dress and heels but I don't want to dress up too much. What do you think?” Brooke says, drawing me out of my thoughts.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Erm... I think that it shouldn't matter what you're wearing ,if Brady really liked you that much then he wouldn’t care if you were wearing a bin sack.” I smile at her.

“Scar, that's sweet and all and oh how I wish it was true,” She sifts through a rack of dresses.

“But I don't think boys think like that theses days.” Brooke sighs as she says it.

“Oh my God,” Brooke says, ducking down behind the rack.

“What?” I say, peering down at her on the floor.

“There,” She hisses, pointing out of the store window. Logan, Brady and Justin are seated on one of the benches outside of the shop. I watch as they laugh at something Justin said.

“Go talk to him,” I urge.

“What?! Are you kidding?” She hisses again.

“Seriously Brooke,” I drag her up from the floor by the arm.

“Go!” When she doesn't move, I put my hands on her back and push her out of the store towards the bench.

“Scar, I swear to God- Oh, hey Brady.” Brooke says as we come to a stop infront of them.

“Hey,” He smiles up at her. Standing from the bench, he plants a kiss on her cheek, leaving her grinning.

“I was-” Poor Brooke can't even get her words out.

“We were just shopping for something for Brooke to wear for your date,” I rescue her. Logan catches my eye and my stomach pings.

“And Scar was just looking for some riding stuff,” Brooke adds, flashing Logan a smile.

“Riding?” Brady raises his eyebrows as he takes a seat again beside Logan.

“Horses,” I shrug, cheeks red.

“You have a horse?” He asks.

“Not any-more, she erm... died a few years back. Ella promised to take me to this ranch just down the road from where we live this Friday.” I look at Logan to see him grinning.

“Dude, isn't that-” Justin starts but Logan glares at him and he stops.

“Sounds great,” Logan says, turning to me.

“Well, we better be going.” Brooke says, waving to Brady as we turn. I turn too, leaving Logan smiling wildly at me.

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