Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


7. Forget


“Okay guys,” Coach Brew's voice booms across the field.

“1, 2, 3, 4!” We start our routine, jumping and waving around. The music stops as Coach Brew shows one of the less-abled girl how to do a certain move and I stop. Brook stops too and nudges me, nodding across the field.

“Look who it is,” She winks. I follow her gaze to where the boys are playing American football on the other pitch. The hot sun offers no mercy on a day like this and the boys are sweating way more than us. Logan has the ball and is sprinting faster than the other boys across the field; scoring with no difficulty at all. His team break in to a celebratory cheer and he looks over to where me and Brooke stand watching them. His lips curve up when he spots me, his hand offering me a small wave. I wave back shyly, Brooke laughing.

“He actually just waved,” She slaps her hand on her thighs as she laughs.

“Honestly, Scar, I’ve seriously never seen him so nice before. You really have brought out a different Logan.” She tries to hold back her laughs as much as possible but it doesn't work very well. Before I can respond, another voice sounds sharp and loud in my head.

'Duck!' Logan's voice says, but his lips don't move. Confused, I stand there and gaze at him. Then the ball hits me square in the face.

“Ouch!” I land on the floor with a hard thud, spots swarming my vision.

“Scar!” Logan exclaims, running over to me. Brooke falls to her knees beside me, helping me stand up.

“Are you-” Logan starts but is cut off as Justin comes running to stand beside him.

“Wow dude, nice shot.” He laughs, Brooke shooting him a dirty look. Logan looks conflicted for a moment before he runs a hand through his sandy blonde hair.

“Should have been watching,” He laughs before turning his back on me and stalking back up the field.

“Jerk!” Brooke shouts at him. She puts her middle-finger up at him and I clutch my hand to my pounding head.

'Thanks for the heads up,' I think sarcastically, glaring at Logan's back. He stops abruptly and turns to face me. His eyes are wide with shock and Brooke gives him the finger again.

“Lets go,” She takes me by the arm towards the girl's locker room.


“Ugh, he's such a jerk.” Brooke complains as she sits on my bed.

“Yeah,” I mutter, folding clothes and putting them in to my drawers.

“I mean, he looked all concerned and everything for a moment. But then Justin comes along and he starts laughing as though it was your fault. Ugh!” She throws her hands up in the air with frustration. I guess it should be me feeling like that, but I’m more concerned and confused by the way that Logan turned and gaped at me once I said 'Thanks' in my head. He couldn't have heard me? Could he? No. That was impossible. I shake my head at my own thoughts and continue putting clothes away.

“He's nothing special anyway,” I sigh, glancing at Brooke who is now running her fingers over the strings of my guitar where it sits in it's stand by my window.

“I know you like him, though.” Brooke says, turning her face to me.

“I don't, he a class a jerk.” I shake my head.

“Yes! Scarlett used an American expression for the first time!” She punches her fists in to the air, laughing.

“But seriously, Scar. Forget about him.” Brooke hugs me, her skinny body close to mine.

“I will,” I promise.

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