Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


6. Auri


The sky is turning darker; stars popping up all over. I'm walking home from Cheer practise the next Friday and the warm air makes me feel hot and stuffy, even at seven at night. As I turn the corner down my street, I hear someone's fast paced footsteps beside me. Thinking it's probably just a jogger, I step to the side to let them past. Nerves still ping at my stomach although Wrickenwridge doesn't seem like the sort of place for muggers to hang out.

“Scar!” A voice calls, a hand clutching my shoulder. I spin round with a squeal, smacking my fist in to the chest of the person. Warm hands hold my wrists back before I can hit again, clutching them to their chest.

“Scar,” Logan's smooth face comes in to view under the streetlight.

“I'm so sorry, Logan. I thought you were going to...”

“Mug you?” He finishes for me, eyebrow cocked.

“Yeah,” I say, carefully.

“So, when were you going to tell me you were an Auri?” His eyes are intense.

“Excuse me?” I stutter.

“An Auri?” He repeats.

“I... I don't know what that is.” I shake my head, confused and in disbelief.

“Sure you do,” Logan pounds a fist to his broad chest.

“I'm one, your one.” He touches a finger to my chest.

“No,” I shake my head again, ringing sounding in my ears.

“Scarlett, why don't you know what you are?” His voice is disappointed and seems... far away.

“I do, I’m Scarlett Bright. From England.” My voice is slurred. Then the darkness swallows me whole.


Please!” A voice begs, desperate and distressed.

Don't take her from me! She's just a baby!” The woman's voice screams.

Mummy!” I yell, reaching out to her with my hands. But strong arms encase me, whisking me away.

Scarlett!” Her voice dies away as I'm yanked further and further in to a bright light.


The bright sun wakes me up, filling my window with a bright glow. I groan and rub my eyes. Pulling back my covers, I step onto the cool wooden floors and stretch. Then, I'm suddenly aware of someone's heavy breathing. My heart stops as I turn and find Logan asleep on the armchair beside my bed.

“Oh my god,” I breath, pulling on my dressing gown and down the stairs.

“Ella?” I exclaim, bursting in to the kitchen.

“Hmm?” She asks, lips pressed to a cup of coffee.

“Why is there a boy in my room?!” I gape at her. She chuckles.

“You fainted outside on the street last night after Cheerleading practise and Logan carried you inside. The poor boy was worried sick and he asked if he could stay for a while just to make sure you were okay. I guess he fell asleep.” She shrugs as though it's no big deal.

Ella!” I hiss, careful not to be too loud and wake him.

“You let a boy stay in my room, all night!” I wave my arms about frantically.

“Scar, he was really worried about you.” She smiles, knowingly.

“Shut up,” I say before I leave the kitchen, Ella in a fit of laughter. I creep silently back up the stairs and edge my bedroom door open. Stepping inside my en suite, I jump in the hot shower and wash quickly. Hopping out, I pull on a pair of denim shorts and a vest top. Carefully, I edge open the bathroom door to be met by Logan's bright eyes.

“Good morning,” He says.

“Morning,” I answer, cautiously. Stepping around him I grab my hair-dryer and dry my hair. Once I’m done I pull my hair in to a messy bun and leave my face with out any make-up.

“Thank you for carrying me back,” I say sincerely, watching as he looks out of my large window at the street below.

“You're welcome,” He answers, his deep dimples igniting on both sides of his face.

“So...” I shuffle uncomfortably. My phone buzzes in my pocket but I ignore it.

“I'm sorry that I scared you like that, Scar.” My stomach pings at my nickname.

“You obviously don't know what I mean so I’ll leave you alone,” Then, before I can answer he's jumping out of my window on to the grass below.


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