Discovering Scar

When Scarlett moves to Amrica, she begins to find new people, new secrets and a new her.
But with the help of her Soul-partner, can she get through it all?


1. America


Nerves fill my stomach as I step out of my car and walk to the school entrance. Crowds of students are milling about, casting me the odd curious stare as I approach. I look down at the floor, pulling at a loose thread on my skirt. Pushing open the heavy glass door, I step in to the cool office, glancing around. A young woman with wide framed glasses and bright red hair offers me a warm smile as I close the door and turn to face her. Stepping up towards the large oak desk, I tap my fingers nervously on the surface.

“Hi, I’m new here.” I chew my lip as I wait for a response. She clucks her tongue and stares obnoxiously at my eyes. Turning to her laptop, she types away on her keyboard before glancing back up at me.

“Scarlett Bright?” She asks, her voice dripping with an American accent. I nod, gazing around at the posters advertising clubs and groups around the school.

“You're the English girl?” I nod again. The woman hits the 'Enter' key before heading in to a small back room. I listen as a printer comes to life; spitting out pages printed with ink.

“Here's your schedule, I'll take you to your home room as the map doesn’t show it very clearly.” She hands me a bright and complicated map of the school grounds as well as a sheet of paper with my classes and teachers printed on it. I take it from her, scanning the information.

“Thanks,” I say, stepping back as she moves out from her desk. I follow her through the school, up two flights of stairs before she stops outside of a large door labelled 'L4'. She knocks three times, then enters the room. Luckily, only the teacher and two other students are inside. I smile shyly at the middle-aged woman sat behind her own desk writing on a notepad. Her long dark hair is pulled back in to a plait down her back and her wrists are cluttered with bangles that make a majestic noise as she writes. She looks up as we enter the room.

“Mrs Green, this is...” The secretary looks at me.

“Scarlett.” I finish for her.

“She's from England, just moved here.”

“Last week.” I add.

“Oh, lovely to meet you Scarlett. How do you like Wrickenwridge?” Mrs Green asks, smiling at me.

“It's... cosy.” I decide, nodding.

“Yes, it is; cut off from the busy life of the cities.” Mrs Green nods and the secretary smiles at me one more time before leaving me in the room.

“Please, take a seat.” She gestures at the rows of desks. I gaze around the room, meeting the eyes of a dark haired girl sitting next to another girl with warm brown eyes. She waves me over so I gingerly walk across the room to the front row of desks.

“Hey!” The dark-haired girl exclaims.

“I'm Brooke, this is Amy.” She nods at the girl beside her. Amy smiles, stroking back her wild mass of curls.

“You can sit with us,” Brooke pats the chair beside her.

“You're the English girl, right?” Brooke asks, turning to face me.

“Yep, moved in last week.” I take a seat, dropping my bag beside me.

“I love your skirt,” Amy says, chewing loudly on her bubblegum.

“Thanks, it's from the high street here. I don't own a lot of summery clothes and my winter wardrobe for London isn't really suitable for hot Memphis.” I stroke the soft material of my crimson skirt.

“We'll show you where to get real nice stuff.” Brooke says, smiling deviously.

“Oh god!” Amy exclaims, rolling her eyes.

“What?” Brooke laughs.

“Brooke and shopping are like...” She flicks her hands as she searches for the right word.

“super glued together. Constantly.” Amy sits back in her seat, pulling out a tube of lip gloss from her jacket pocket.

“Shut up,” Brooke flicks her in the arm.

“Anyway,” She turns back to me. Students are slowly filling up the classroom, chatting noisily.

“Have you got you're schedule yet?” She asks so I hand her the sheet of paper that lists my classes. Her perfectly shaped eyebrows pull together as she searches the list.

“Cool, we have English and Music together today.” Brook says, handing the paper to Amy. She inspects it, chewing on her now glossy lips.

“I'm in your Music and Biology.” Amy smiles at me and I smile back. Handing me the paper, I tuck it in to my bag.

“Right, everyone!” Mrs Green exclaims, standing up in a flow of a brightly coloured dress. She claps her hands, sending the now full classroom in to silence.

“We have a new student today,” She smiles at me and my cheeks flush.

“Scarlett Bright.” Thirty pairs of eyes turn to me, making me feel an inch tall.

“So,” She claps her hands again before leaning against her desk with a large folder in her hand. Mrs Green begins calling out names; students answering in return. When she finishes, a loud ring fills the class. Students begin gathering books together and making their way out of the room.

“Remember, Music practise today at lunch!” The teacher calls out as we leave.

“So, we have Maths together first.” Amy says, rummaging around in her bag. She's dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans, a large white t-shirt with a black cross printed on it.

“See you guys,” Brooke waves as she heads in the opposite direction. Pushing through the masses of students that fill the halls, I follow Amy in to a small classroom. We take seats in the middle of the class. The maths teacher, a man with a bald head and rough stubble, hands me a textbook and I pull out my folders. Maths has never been my favourite subject; I’ve always struggled to understand it.

“Class dismissed!” Mr Frey calls. Laughter and voices rise as we file out of the room.

“I've got Gym now, see you at lunch!” Amy calls as she leaves me stranded outside the class. Feeling around inside my bag, I fumble for the map the secretary gave me. Pulling it out, I search the confusing layout of the school. After walking around aimlessly for a while, I finally arrive at my next class.


The rest of the day passed in a blur, I didn't really talk to anyone apart from one boy who offered to lend me his notes for the Chemistry test next week.

“Scarlett!” Brooke calls, waving frantically at me from a table in the middle of the food hall. I push through the cafeteria, taking a seat opposite Brooke on the long tables.

“How was you're morning?” She asks, taking a bite of her chocolate bar.

“Fine,” I nod.

“Took me while to find my lessons but I got there eventually.” Pulling out my sandwich, I glance at the insides before taking a bite.

“Ah, I’m glad it went okay.” She smiles, before waving at someone from across the large hall. Amy arrives next, quickly followed by a tall lanky boy with blonde hair. She sits down beside me, opening a can of coke.

“Hey guys,” The lanky boy take a seat next to Brooke, staring at me intently. I stop eating, feeling uncomfortable.

“Tommy, this is Scarlett. She just moved her from England.” Brooke says, before shrugging and taking a swig of Amy's coke.

“Hey!” Amy exclaims, snatching it back.

“Hey Scarlett,” Tommy says, smiling impishly.

“Hi,” I say, but my eyes wander behind him. A group of five boys enter the cafeteria, sending small students scuttering away.

“Who are they?” I nod at them. Tommy, Brooke and Amy all turn around to see who I’m looking at.

“Oh gosh,” Brooke says, turning back and twisting her long dark hair nervously. I frown at her as Tommy and Amy face me again.

“Oh, that's Brady.” Amy says, taking another sip of her coke.

“Him and Brooke like... hit it off this summer. But he never called her back.” Amy shrugs.

“Which one is he?” I ask Tommy, my eyes fixated on the group.

“The one at the back with the dark blue shirt on.” Tommy clucks his tongue in distaste. I glance at him; taking in his dark jeans and trainers, his sandy blonde hair gelled in to place. He was good-looking and confident, the All-American jock alright.

“And the rest?” I ask.

“Justin, the one with bike leathers on, Austin, the one with the blue eyes, Brady and oh...” Amy casts a glance over her shoulder at them.

The one at the front? That's Logan White.” My eyes find the boy at the front. With a fitting blue shirt on, dark blue jeans and sneakers; he was god-like. He was tall, but not lanky. Well-built but not stocky. A face that looked as though it belonged to a sculpture and piercing green eyes that were vibrant even from this far away. He was a god among mere mortals. I watch as he hesitates for a moment, glancing around the room with slanted eyes. My stomach pings as his eyes are drawn to our table. Then he looks away. Disappointment swells inside of me and I mentally kick myself for feeling that way.

“Could someone show me where the music block is?” I ask, returning to reality.

“Yeah sure, i'll walk you.” Tommy offers, standing up from the table. I grab my bag and follow him out of the hall; fully aware of someone watching me from the other side of the room. 

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