To Cecilia


1. To Cecilia

  To Cecilia


Can you see a world without grass,

Without trees,without a sky?

The sky beneath which you and I

Would onetime walk and hold each others hand,

And I'd thank the god I do not know

And not see the running of the sand.


Can you see a town without  man,

Without shops, without a street?

A street in which we'd onetime meet,

And over coffee we'd look and smile,

And I'd thank the god I do not know,

Blind to the shadow on the dial.


This dead world all men must cross,

And some women too,

Under a sky no longer blue,

Through dead fields and a dusty city,

And you pray to a god you do not know.

Some pray for hope, and others pity


But only the hopeful are answered.

I know, I've been here before.

I've stood on this ash covered shore,

Ashes of dreams that conceal the sand,

And I prayed to a god I  did not know,

And over the sea lay the promised land.


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