Waiting for you

Amy used to have the feeling of love but then after an unfortunate accident everything in her world changed but can a special British boy fix her heart and change her world forever?


2. Waking up to my life


BEEP BEEP i hear the sound of my alarm waking me up at 6.00 am , getting ready for my job at Starbucks, right now my life sucks it all started after the " accident" i never like to talk about it so i won,t it makes me cry every time i think of it. My life changed so much after the accident since then i get bullied at school because of it and everybody at school knows about it and i am not that popular but i have two best friends in my life that i cannot imagine living me life without their names are Sophie she is the girly girl of our trio she loves fashion , make up , boy bands , the color pink and ONE DIRECTION. Me and her are the biggest directioners of the planet her favorite is Niall and mine is Liam  , but anyway she brings out the girly side of me. But  my other friend Lauren brings my geeky side out she likes books, animals , superheroes and school. Me i love girly and geek things so basically i'm like Lauren and Sophie mixed in together but we all get along great, but im also insecure , low self esteem , love to sing and also loves toy story movies . But enough about me i have to get to work.


   Im getting ready in my Starbucks uniform normally putting my hair my long brunette hair in a high ponytail , then putting on my usual makeup like my eyeliner , concealer , lip gloss , mascara i quickly look in the mirror and all i see is an ugly thing in front me with blue eyes wearing my uniform. Quickly  check on my little brother Nathan i don,t want him to go through the shit i have to deal with go through in my life he just could not handle it even i can barely handle it. Then i quickly sneak out the door pass my drunken father sleeping on the couch if he wakes up i am dead literally he changed so much after the accident more than anyone. I walk quickly to Starbucks meeting up with Sophie and Lauren who work their as well. 


I get t Starbucks and then i hear a yell from Sophie " Yo Amy you're finally here" they both come rushing me to hug me so tightly. I said " Its so hard trying to get away from my dickhead father' they both laugh and we start our shift.


Authors  Note 

I wonder what will happen next ?

Tell me your comments on the story love to hear them hope you enjoy

from J and L :]



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