Waiting for you

Amy used to have the feeling of love but then after an unfortunate accident everything in her world changed but can a special British boy fix her heart and change her world forever?


3. The Unexpected Shift


After a couples of minutes into my shift i heard the door open and five mysterious guys come through the door wearing sunglasses and hoodies. They look like their trying to hide from someone but they strangely look familiar. My manger Tom asked me to serve them so i walked up to their table and i asked them   " Hi welcome to Star Bucks im your severer Amy what would you like to order ?


I walk into Starbucks because niall was so hungry and everybody knows what he is like when he wants food. So i walk in with my sunglasses on and by the counter i see the most beautiful person in the world her long brown hair and those eyes  as blue as the bluest sea yet as deep and empty like she is hiding a great pain or secret. She looked oddly at us , i think she  trying to figure out who we are, but she still looks so cute even with her beautiful smile that would light up a room. " WHY I AM THINKING LIKE THIS OVER A GIRL I JUST SAW , I AM DATING DANIELLE FOR GOD SAKE!. But i never felt like this before i feel that i should know her or that i should be drawn to her , i have never had these kinds of feelings for  anyone i am getting worried but at the same time i am happy , what is this feeling could it be love ?



i asks them again but this one guy i feel like he keeps staring at me but i smile to be polite , The blonde guy said can please have five espresso and 12 muffins. " WOW i thought to myself they sure eat a lot" then i want to go get their food, and i came back and i tripped on my feet and drop the plate the guy that i thought was staring at me quickly came to help me then he took his sunglasses off and i stared in to those chocolate brown eyes  and then he said " are you okay love"  and i realized who they were i cannot believe all the signs  were their .


Author Note

i wonder who the boys are but i think you know ;] tell me what you think in the comments we have a lot plan in the story wait till the next chapter to find out

from J and L 

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