Waiting for you

Amy used to have the feeling of love but then after an unfortunate accident everything in her world changed but can a special British boy fix her heart and change her world forever?


4. Meeting him and THE HOSPITAL !!!!

It LIAM PAYNE AND ONE DIRECTION OMG but I am fan Girling on the inside then he asked me am I okay love I replied with " I am fine thanks " but then he holds out his hand to help me up it feels like electricity when we touch it put a big smile on my face then he took away his hand very quickly.

Liam P.O.V
I watch her making food with a puzzled face.When she was walking back I quickly looked away and i hear a crashing sounds i quickly turn around and I see her on the ground i rush over to and say " are you okay love" and reached for her hand. It feels so much like electricity when we touched but I quickly took away my hand from her to remind my self I am with Danielle. But then I heard her said " OW" then I asked her do you need to go to the hospital she replies with a quickly nod and said I think I broke my arm , then Harry rushes to go get the manger and he said she can get off her shift , so we said will take her to the hospital she had the biggest smile on her face that is so beautiful I think she knows who we are but she not fan girling and said thank you we quickly hop into the limo trying to get away from the paparazzi Harry was the one that was holding her by the waist and her hurt arm a rage full of jealously was inside of me I should not be feeling this away think of Danielle !!!!! We finally arrive at the hospital .

Authors note
Hey directioners let me know what you think in the comments
Are you guys team
Liam and Amy
Or do you think there will be going on something with Harry and Amy let me know which team you guys are on :) thx for reading
From J and L
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