Waiting for you

Amy used to have the feeling of love but then after an unfortunate accident everything in her world changed but can a special British boy fix her heart and change her world forever?


6. Coming home to pain

Harry P.O.V
We arrived at the hospital Amy looked so beautiful she looked so cute I just felt this connection since the first time I saw her . I just feel that need to protect her I feel like she hiding something in those eyes. While Amy went with the doctor to check on her arm , I asked the boys " so guys what do you think of Amy " Zayn said " she nice and pretty" Niall said " she's really funny " and Louis said " she has a lot sass like me we could be twins " we all laughed then I turned to Liam and asked " what do you think of her" she's really nice he Said I felt this sort of weird connection between Liam with Amy but he can,t like her he is with Danielle , I said to all the boy I m gonna ask her out they all cheered but Liam stayed quiet he been acting so weird ill ask about that later. Then Amy came looking adorable in her purple cast.

My arm hurts so bad the doctor said " it broken so you need to be in the cast for 6 weeks" awe that sucks now I need to stay home with my dad for 6 weeks :( all the boys came rush and hugging me Liam told me his is my favourite colour then I said i know it is wow that sound really creepy then Harry asked me " are you a really big fan of us" then I said I am but You hate when girls fan girl in front of you they all said " cool" then the boys drop me home thank god the paparazzi didn't follow us to the house before I left all the boys gave me their numbers Niall was " food boy" Louis was " super carrot" , Zayn was " in your dreams Liam was " daddy directioner and Harry was da sexy beast they were all really funny names as I walk through the door my dad came screaming at me " YOU STUPID LITTLE BITCH WHAT DID YOU DO NOW" he slapped me I said to him " sorry dad I just tripped" then my little brother Nathan came through and said " stop dad why are u HURTING AMY everyday" because you " LITTLE JACKASS she the reason for the ACCIDENT" I was lying cold hard on the ground I couldn't,t feel my body my dad keep beating me and beating me everywhere possibly then my brother said " stop DAD " and my dad was like I will never stop is because " Amy is a worthless piece of crap and should die I never loved her and never will" then Nathan started to cry and then my dad grab a knife before he kept smacking Nathan head into the table I screamed will all might STOP STOP but he never listen, then Nathan fainted and I was crying then my dad got his knife and cut my hand and went in very deep.

OMG what happens next will Amy and Nathan survived , who will save them what's the real reason Amy dad is doing this and will Amy say yes to Harry
Let me know what you think should happen :) love to hear from everyone :)
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