Waiting for you

Amy used to have the feeling of love but then after an unfortunate accident everything in her world changed but can a special British boy fix her heart and change her world forever?


1. Authors note [ introduction ]

Hey directioners

this my first fan fiction so please no hate and sorry if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. I am co writing with my best friend and it will be a Liam story just giving a little info on some of the characters sorry if you thought this was a chapter.


Amy [ main character ]

  Amy Marie Lawson

16 turning 17 on may 14 1994 [ all of the boys will be 17 , 18 or 19 in the story]

Best friends : Lauren and Sophie

Siblings : little brother Nathan

Parents ; dad [ Robert Lawson]

Likes : shopping , music , books , movies , super heroes , purple , JB [ no hate ] , one direction , toy story


Sophie Anna Carson

16 turning 17 on July 8 1994

Best friends : Amy and Lauren

Likes ; shopping , fashion , makeup , music , boy bands , one direction , pink , twilight

Siblings : Twin brothers Adam and Kyle

Parents ; Terence Carson and Lily Carson


Lauren Taylor Wilson

16 turning 17 on November 21 st 

Best friends Amy and Sophie

Likes ; books , school , super heroes, music , animals , orange  

Siblings : Little sister Nikki


Other characters

will be

the Boys E.T.C Harry, Niall, Zayn , Louis








Hope you like the story try to update once a week :]

From your directioners J and L :]  


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