Styles, my best friend, or more?

You'll just have to read to find out, hope you'll like it :)


2. Shocked

The day vent by fast. After the last lesson i vent to my locker to get some books. I heard somebody calling me, i turned around to see Harry and a girl walking towards me. I knew that girl, everybody knew her, her name was Taylor. She was a slut to be honest. My eyes almost fell out of they'r sockets when i saw Harry's arm around Taylor's shoulder. I blinked fast to try and make the image go away but it didn't and this wasn't some twisted nightmare, this was really happening. I turned back to reality when i felt Harry hug me i hugged back, Taylor was shooting me death glares, when she saw that i pulled away from the hug. ''So Ivanda, do you know Taylor?'' Harry pointed to her. I swallowed the knot that was beginning to form in my neck, and nodded. There was an awkward silence between us. Harry broke it by starting to talk again ''I hope you'll be great friends'' I faked a smile and got some books from my locker and closed it. ''So ready to go?'' Harry asked me. All three of us walked to the car, unfortunately Taylor was driving home with us. The car ride was uncomfortable , for me, Taylor was cuddling Harry, i couldn't handle it anymore i had to ask Harry something ''So are you guys like a couple or something'' i asked whit a hope that he would say no. ''Well yeah we are'' Taylor answered before Harry could say a thing, i saw him nod. At that moment my heart broke in a million peaces. I pulled my phone and headphones out, putting the headphones in my ears i turned the music up to the fullest i just listened to the most saddest songs in my phone and looked out of the cars window. The car pulled to a stop, i got out without even saying goodbye. The second i got out of the car the tears that i was holding in came bursting out. I ran in to my house kicked my shoos of an quickly ran up to my room. I locked the door behind me jumped on my bed and i didn't try and hold the tears back. I just can't believe Harry is so stupid to be together with her, everybody knows her rep whit boys, Harry has always been the one who didn't listened to what other people say. I just hope that this relationship won't last long and it wont hurt Harry. 

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