Styles, my best friend, or more?

You'll just have to read to find out, hope you'll like it :)


1. Ride to school

I woke up from a knock on my bedroom door i opened my eyes a little bit to see who came in it was my mom. I turned my face, berried it in my pillow i was trying to block the world out so i can go back and enjoy my slumber. But my mom had a different thought, She started shaking me ''get up hun'' she said in her sweet voice. I rubbed my eyes and finally got up from my bed. It was just such a bad Monday morning. When my mom left i went to the bathroom to fix my hair. I walked to my closet it was so hard to decide what to wear but finally i made up my mind to wear my black skinny jeans and a white and black striped loos shirt wich eskposed one of my sholders, after looking in the mirror once more, i was happy of my look and went down the stair to the kitchen. Mom had already made me a bowl of cereal. I finished my bowl and put it in the sink. Dad stopped drinking his coffee and turned to face me ''how are you getting to school'' he said a bit of happy in his words. I smiled whit the thought about school, i know that's lame to be happy to want to go to school but i was a bit of a geek so i liked school i answered quick ''Harry as usual'' dad nodded and returned to his coffee, i said goodbye to everyone and went outside, Harry was already there in his black range rover. I walked to the car quickly, getting in the car i closed the car door too strong. Harry looked at me whit a bit of anger in his eyes ''Easier '' I just roled my eyes i mean seriously this kid cared more about his cars then he did about his health ''Don't i get a good morning or a hi hello even maybe? '' he turned his gaze from the rode to look at me for a sec ''Sorry, and Hi'' i smiled after that ''That's better'' Me and harry we were best friends since forever we always kid with each other. It's a lot of fun.I turned back to reality when Harry started talking. ''So how many lessons do you have today?'' i thought about it and answered ''Seven and you?'' ''Same'' He answered whit a smirk spread on his face.I haven't told Harry but i've had a crush on him since the passed year i mean i always found him attractive but something from the last year made me change my mind. The car suddenly pulled to a stop we were in the schools parking lot. I got out of the car and waited for Harry to lock it so we both could go to the school farther together. When we walked in to school Harry got swarmed by his friends he said good by to me and we went our separate ways

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