An arguement over tangerines

A poem where 11 and 1 meet in a supermarket.


1. 1

Some loves form in starlit fields,

Some by compression field.

But this lover's idyll

Was started in a humble Lidl

While argueing over tangerines.


They both seemed unusually keen,

As if being threatened by Slitheen.

Then 1 cried: "Alas! I will never win this fight.

If I leave now I'll get the TARDIS into flight."


11 stood there, quite stupefied:

By chance he'd stumbled on one of his kind!

But he really should be at the train station...

But what's that next to a previous regeneration?


He shouted: "But you can't go!

Geronimo. the TARDIS'll blow!

Here in my hand is a self destruct button.

Ah, it doesn't seem to smell of mutton...

Alas, it's a humble Jammy Dodger!!


1 just peered at him like an unwelcome lodger

Who had once again called him a bothersome old codger.

But instead of acting like a silly old tiddle,

He burst into fits of giggles!


11 graciously responded in kind,

And this went on for quite some time.

Then 1 cried: "Who will get these dratted tangerines?

If I don't get them I'll have to resort to beans."


11 replied: "I prefer bananas anyway."

1 said: "What is that you say?"

11 went on: "They're a good source of potassium."

1 said sharply: "You are in need of Veritaserum."


11 laughed and said:

"No! I am in need of a bed.

Would you lend me a TARDIS key?"


"Oh future me,

I wish I could! But my spare key has gone and broke.

You'll need a hotel to get a good soak."

"Hotels? What ghastly places.

The last one I went to they did up my laces..."


"Is that such a bad thing?"

11 ignored him. "...and then they started to sing!

Ah, never mind, I'll stay with the Ponds.

Then maybe I'll introduce myself to River Song..."



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