The Fallen Girl

Crystal was a normal girl, well that is if you call being a werewolf normal. Everyone in her pack hated her even though she had done nothing wrong. She was the only who hadn't been able to change into a werewolf because she hadn't found her mate. If she dosen't find her mate soon she might not survive the changes. But what if she's had enough of it all and runs away? And what if she changes without her mate? Will she ever find her mate and will her pack come looking for her because shes special?


2. The Fallen

As I got out of the shower her I forgot I left my bag with my clothes in the living room. So me with just a towel on, quietly walked out of the bathroom. As I was quietly walking I heard a thud in the living room and walked in to find the boys wrestling on the floor. As soon as I walked in the stopped and looked at me I could feel their eyes burning holes through my towel. I stopped and picked up my bag and began walking away. I mumbled "perverts" under my breath as I left. I got changed and walked out. When I walked into the living room all five of them were on the couch watching t.v. I sat down in between Colton and I don't know, oh right I passed out before he introduced himself. "Um excuse me but I don't think I ever caught your name" I looked at him giving him a shy innocent look. " oh that's right hi my names Sam" he said and I just realized how ridiculously cute this guy was. He had blond hair but it was obviously dyed and the roots of his hair were dark brown. But the thing that worried me was the fact that I felt my inner wolf telling me my mate was close very close. So that means one of these boys is my mate, the one I will spend my entire life with. This is to much to take in I have to look for a killer and my mate before my 18th birthday comes. If I can't find my mate before then I will most-likely die from the changes. I mean I'm not bad looking I have dark black hair and Practically grey eyes not a dull grey but a pretty light grey. So not to brag or anything but, I'm hot.

It was getting late so I asked them where I could sleep they lead me to a quite large guest room. It was remarkable on the inside the walls were painted light blue and it had pure white carpet. It looked like the room had been untouched. I got up to go say goodnight to the boys since there being so nice to me with letting me stay here. I didn't know my way around here so I opened all the doors they were mostly closets or bathrooms. I came to a bright red door and finally got one of the right rooms. I knocked and heard a raspy voice say "come in' when I walked in I saw Jason in bed reading a book. "Oh uh sorry for disturbing you but I just wanted to say goodnight and thanks for letting me stay here." " Its alright babe your welcome to stay as long as you like and goodnight to you too." Once I had found all the rooms and said goodnight to everyone I walked back to my room. When I walked in I noticed something different a weird scent covered the room. I thought to myself "did I leave the window open." All of a sudden someone grabbed me and put a cloth to my face. Then I saw a very blurry image of a boy and he said " I finally got you and I'm not letting you go ever." After that it all went black as I collapsed into somebody's arms and that person picked me up and gently set me in a van before speeding off. And I fell into a deep dark sleep.

When I finally woke up I was in an unfamiliar house and in an unfamiliar bed. I then felt two big strong arms pull me into a persons chest. I absolutely flipped out and jumped out of his arms and backed up into a wall far away from him. He sat up sleepily and just stared at me with eyes filled with confusion. I finally decided to speak up and said "Why am I here who are you?" I tried to sound strong but I know it came out as a squeak. He looked at me and smirked how dare he that jerk this is serious and he thinks its a joke. He spoke as he slowly walked towards me. "Its alright don't be afraid I am one of your mates" what is this guy talking about. "What do you mean one of are there more that's impossible everyone only has one mate for life." "That's what makes you so special you don't know it but your apart of an thought to be extinct race of werewolves." Hes a crazy person how do I not know about this. "your apart of this race that is said that one person is supposed to have several mates and has to choose from them all." "Well who are these mates" "unfortunately your were living with the other five." "Why did you take me and what is this supposedly extinct race of werewolves called." This is getting very weird "the race is called The Fallen because its said these werewolves were rejects kicked out of heaven that fell to earth." "They were a threat so we fought against them and demolished all of them." If that's true them how am I one of these beings and survived the war my life is about to get weird.

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