The Fallen Girl

Crystal was a normal girl, well that is if you call being a werewolf normal. Everyone in her pack hated her even though she had done nothing wrong. She was the only who hadn't been able to change into a werewolf because she hadn't found her mate. If she dosen't find her mate soon she might not survive the changes. But what if she's had enough of it all and runs away? And what if she changes without her mate? Will she ever find her mate and will her pack come looking for her because shes special?


3. Friend or Foe

"Wait so your telling me your my mate and you brought me here why" I asked curiously. "Because your mine and I won't let you stay in that house full of other guys that want you" he growled possessively. "But I don't know you so you can't just come and claim me as your property" this little comment I made really seemed to tick him off. "You don't understand I'm your mate and I love you" he said almost sweetly. I calmed down and decided to get more information from this guy. "Alright so you claim that I'm your mate, but you haven't even introduced yourself." He sighed " my name is Blade and I've kinda been stalking you because when you find your mate your instantly drawn to them and you can tell that your meant to be." Alright this guy Blade I think he said his name was is really speaking the truth I can tell by the softness in his voice and the sincerity in his eyes. "Well I'm sorry to say this but I'm not in love with you" I saw the sadness in is eyes. "Well it is rumored that the guy falls harder for the girl than she does for him I was just hoping it wasn't true" he spoke kindly. But it doesn't change the fact he kidnapped me and and in the morning the boys will start freaking out. But, now that I think about if they are all my mates then they must've known when they first saw me. I of course didn't have a clue I just thought they were really friendly. I turned to look at Blade and said "you have to let me go" his face was etched in sadness but then it was gone revealing a dark and scary face.

"Why do I have to your mine and your staying here with me forever!!!" he yelled at me in a dark voice. I didn't know what to do he frightens me but my feisty side came out. "You can't tell me what to do I'm leaving now!!" he wasn't happy with my answer and before I knew it a red hand stained my cheek. I fell to the floor crying in pain as my cheek was stinging like crazy, I think the bastard broke my jaw. I looked to his face he was crying too and regret filled his eyes he knelt down to hug me but I backed away absolutely petrified of him. "I'm sorry I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me please forgive me please" his voice soft again as he was pleading for forgiveness. "Get out I don't want to see you right now" I said in an angry voice. He looked at me, nodded, and walked out of the room.

He had left the door unlocked so I regained composure before stepping out and exploring the house. It was a beautiful house with all this stuff he must be rich. The house was huge with a big basement that looked like it was his man cave. With a leather couch, plasma-screen tv, and soft creme colored carpet that you could lay on all day. I heard loud crying coming from the bathroom I creaked the door open just a bit to see Blade sitting on the floor with a razor in his hand. He was was talking to himself while he cut his wrist only to have it heal back up in seconds. "Why did I do that to her, she hates me I know it the love of my life hates me" he whispered to himself but just loud enough so I can hear him. I opened the door and walked in he had his back turned to me so I knelt down hugging him from behind. He was startled at first but instantly turned around and grabbed me pulling me into a tight hug "I'm sorry" he whispered to me. I helped him stand up from the lose of blood guided him to a room were he can rest. He laid down and got comfortable I was about to leave when he grabbed my arm. "I really am sorry" he said on the brink of tears "I know but I still don't love you the way you love me how about we just be friends right now okay." A smile spread across his face I was going to leave when he said "please stay I don't want to be left alone keep my company as a friend" he said smiling slightly. I couldn't say no I felt sorry for he let me borrow one of his shirts and a pair of sweat pants. I crawled into bed when I laid down he grabbed me pulling me into his chest. I didn't object because I was so tired so I just fell asleep dreaming of happier times with my family.

Blade's Prov

I pulled into my chest inhaling her sweet scent to me this was heaven on earth. I wanted to stay in the moment for the rest of my life. But she just wanted to be friends so I can't try anything on her like I want too. I'm afraid I'll lose her trust but she will be mine and I will not lose her to another werewolf . She has to stay here with me forever that's impossible in the morning the werewolves shes been staying with will come looking for her. Oh well I'll worry about that tomorrow right now I'm going to enjoy this moment with her. I eventually fell asleep dreaming about Crystal and I being together forever.

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