My Bully, Harry Edward Styles

Hi my name is summer green. My family thinks i am living the perfect life but they have no idea what is really going on inside of it. Everyday i get bullied by this stupid curly haired idiot who use to be my best friend in the world, but now he is a changed person ever since highschool started. He is always constantly bothering me, and he doesn't seem to want to leave me alone. He is so cute though. Wait!!!! stop Summer he is an idiot who ruined your life, i cant possibly think he is cute!!!! curse my stupid love feelings!


1. A description of my life

Summers Pov


Hi my name is summer green as you know, and i am a pretty quiet person. I am 5"5 and pretty skinny. I have long curly brunnett hair with dyed blonde tips at the bottom. I have hazel eyes that twinkle in the sunlight. By the way everyone at my school absolutley hates me for no reason. I never did anything to anyone but now suddenly everyone hates my guts. I havent told my family about getting bullied because I don't want to stress them out, and i am kind of afraid of what their reaction may be considering the fact that i have been getting bullied since freshman year in highschool, and right now i am in my junior year. Which means i have been avoiding my problems for about two years now. I have always had a slight crush on harry, i mean its so hard not to everything about it is hot. His hair, his emerald green eyes, his muscular body, those dimples when he smiles, the croockedness of his smiles, and his laugh...... Stop summer, you are thinking about that idiot again, I need to just lock him away out of my mind, but I find that very hard to do. Anyway back to myself, i am pretty funny, very sweet, extreamly smart, I am one of the school nerds. But, I am not a nerdy nerd, i am more like a hispter nerd, I have great fashion choices and everything, but i am just put into the geek catergory because I am smart. Sometimes I really wish I wasn't smart. When you are smart the teachers always count on you to do perfect on your quizzes, and be the best student in the class, well you know what I am sick of it! I wish My life could go back to normal though, the way it used to be in middle school.



A/N sorry this chapter is really short but my computer is dying and i cant seem to find my computer charger. so sorry. well let me know what you think so far. p.s trust me if you think it sucks now, just wait it will get way better later on in the story :)


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