Arrange To Him [Louis Tomlinson Fanfic]

What happens when your parents announce something out of the blue?

Well I tell you this. Mine was FUCKING TERRIBLE.

I didn't even know they planned it. I didn't even know him. I didn't even know my parents anymore.

But I know this.

I was arrange to him.

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1. 1.) Parents Announcing WHAT?!

Heyo. It's Coey ya'll. Okay that sounded weird (-.-'). Anyways, here's a new Fanfic I made and I hope u readers or who ever you are Like it!

Just to let you guys know. This was origannly posted on my Wattpad acc. So ya'll see the link here:

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"Nicole Trixie Johnson?! ARE YOU DONE YET?!" I heard my mom yelled from downstairs.

She just used my full name. Like I care. I'm just going to be tortured and be lectured about this little place we're going. And I'm going to be bored out of my life.

"5 MORE MINUTES!!...Jeez" I yelled back, muttering the last part.


Blah blah blah....

Jeez, can't she take a chill-pill?

I know what you're wondering. 'hey, this chick is yelling at her mom and muttering this kind of things to her'. And yada,yada,yada.

I know I'm being kind of harsh to my parents. But they are really annoying sometimes. You know what I mean.

I grodgily went to my walk-in closet and was suposed to a grab jeans and t-shirt, but my parents will just judge it and say it's not 'lady-like'. Like who gives a fuck about being 'lady-like'?

I'm a 19 (and about to be 20) year old woman! I know my own style. But I know how I DESPRATELY want to wear those, I still need to impress my parents. If not, then I can't have half the money I need to leave this hell hole and go to New York.

After a small argument in my mind, I finally picked out an outfit.

I grab a cream white colored sleeveless dress that is jut above my knees and a black belt. The dress & belt revealed 'curves' in my body. It was a bit 'lady-like' and a bit casual.

I think this is a approval for sure.

I put that on and slip on some black wedges from CELINE (if you know that store). I brush my hair letting it fall just below my shoulders and revealing the brown highlights in the ends.

I put on some eyeliner and mascara. And thats it, no other make up. My eyes are my favorite about myself. They are big and brown. And that's the only thing I love from this 'body'.

Plus, my friends & family said I don't need make up. I'm already 'beautiful' and everything.

Like I believe that.

Well, I like the part when they compliment me and it's just hard to believe it.

After 'checking-out' myself. It was enough to impress my family. I put on my some bracelets from Chanel and spray some perfume by Kim Kardashian, and my iPhone. After that, I went downstairs. As I got downstairs it was exactly 5 minutes.

Ha! Beat that mother!

My mom was walking in the living room wearing a black fitting dress while putting on her earings. Her brunnette hair in a 'perfect' ponytail. She stopped at me and looked.

I roll my eyes and sighed. Then my dad came to the living room wearing a black blazer with a white v-neck shirt and brown khakis.

My dad did the same thing as mom.

Seriously?! Did they really need to do this?

Like, Hello! I know this is enough, ya'll.

"Are you done now?" I asked annoyed.

My dad did his 'hmm' look and spoke "Its good, no better. It's enough" Then he left and went to the car, leaving me and my mom.

I look at her and was hoping an approval.

Oh please, let this be enough.

"It's enough. Now let's go. We're running late" She said approving and finally fixed her earing and left the hous and to the car.

I mentally fist pumped in the air.

I did a small victory dance.

She said yes! Whoo!

"TRIXIE!" My mom called.

I stopped dancing and hurriedly went to the back of the car. I sat there silently as my parents talk about 'work'. It's always about work. Ugh. Like they don't talk about me.

I grab my white HeartBeats or Gaga-Beats by Dr Dre and plug it, into my iPhone and start playing Paramore while staring out of the window. Removing all thoughts.

I don't really know where we're going. Or what are we going to do while we're there. But I think it's important or just a another annoucement or another boring lecture from my parents.

i don't know why, they still give me this kind of lectures. It's like their preparing me for something. I dunno.

But I know this, I will leave this place and move to New York and find a modeling job.

Modeling. It's been a long time dream of mine being a model. I've been practicing wearing heels, runways and everything. I just love modeling. I've started wearing heels since I was 5. So could call me a Toddler-model back then.

The car stopped at a restaurant. It was Japanese, I could tell by looking at it. It has this mini fountains and bamboos at the entrance.

I furrowed my brows in confusion. Why would MY parents go here? My parents don't go to Japanese Restaurants, only when it's IMPORTANT.

I checked my phone and see it was 7:08 pm. Already.

We go to a restaurant like this and my parents don't like Japanes. At this time of night. What the fuck is going on here?

Is it really THIS important?

My parents went out the car and I followed them. My dad locked the car and he sling his arm around mom. And they went towards the entrance of the restaurant. With me still fucking confuse.

"Table with Tomlinsons?" My dad said to the manager at the entrance.

Tomlinsons? who the fuck is that?.

That just gets me even more confused.

The manager nodded and smiled at my dad. He led us inside and to a small room with a table with 6 chairs. Well, the table was about 3 feet tall and the chairs were like pillows. I guess, I should've wore my jeans instead of this monstrosity.

3 chairs were occupied by 2 men and a woman. The woman and the other man was about mom & dad's age. The two smiled at us and I was smiled awkwardly. Utterly confuse.

My family sat infront of them. I was sat infront of the other man or guy. His hands were in his face looking frustrated and utterly bored. What is his problem? You're not the only one bored by this.


"Elle, darling!" the woman greeted my mom happily. Why was she happy?

"Jay, sweetheart!" My mom greeted the woman grinning. Both of the woman hugged each other over the table and pull away. Starting their own convo.

Okay that was weird. My mom never. like I mean NEVER hug people. Except her family. But she never does. She just shake her hand and everything.

This was getting confusing my the second.

"Rick. It's good to meet you again, lad" The man beside the woman greeted my father and reach out his hand to shake.

My father gladly shook it and smiled. "You too, John. So how's work going?" My dad asked looking interested.

"It's been good. They were some..." The man said continueing their own convo with dad. That I don't want to know.

I roll my eyes and look at the corner in the room and started playing Temple Run in my phone.

What? that game is just so addicting some times. And plus, its the only NOT-boring this to do in a situation like this.

I was beating my former high score which was 1.5 million.

I retried mutiple times and lost a few by getting eating by those fucking monters or monkeys and falling into cliffs.

Those fucking monkeys are fucking annoying.

Then when i tried one last time, I beat my highscore and was now 2 million.

"Yess!!" I cheered loudly. I froze and look at the table. All eyes were at me. I felt my cheeks heating, embarrassed. Awkward. "Oh I'm sorry. Just got over-excited that's all" I apologize looking at my parents who had the face of disapproval.

Well I'm back to being a 'lady'. Fuck.

"Wait, is this THE little Trixie I saw back in the day?" 'Jay' questioned smiling brightly at me.

I shrugged giggling.

I don't know her but she knows me. Weird.

"Oh my gawd. She has grown!! Sweetie, you look absolutely gorgeous!! Like your mother" She winked, making me and my parents laugh.

"Thank you" I thanked her. By the way she looks and talks, she looks like shes nice and sweet. Plus, funny.

"Ooh, should we tell them?" my mom said to Jay. Like their the only two people that knows about what their talking about.

"I think we should" Rick said.

This got me fully confuse. What are they talking about? What are they going to tell us? And by 'us' I mean the guy sitting across me, who was finally paying attention and was too confuse by this conversation.

"What are you going to tell us?" He finally spoke in a husky voice.

I turn to look at him. He had this sandy brown hair and grey-blue eyes. He looke like he was about my age but a bit older. He was actually wearing a blue striped jumper. Talk about stripes.

Then I turn to look back at 4 people who I'm guess the other 2 was his parents or something. They all had this look that says 'come-on-and-tell-them-already' and 'its-time-to-tell'.

What are they going to tell us? Is it important? Is it about me going to New York? like that would happen.

Once their done doing their 'eye-to-eye-convo'. They all nodded their head to each other and turn to look at us seriously.


"Trixie..." My mom said.

"Louis..." Jay said to the guy sitting across me.

So his name was Louis? not bad. It fitted him well though.

We both slowly nodded.

"We have to tell you guys something" Jay said in a serious tone.

"Its about you two" Dad said gesturing the two of us.

"A long time ago. Before you two were even born. We said and planned something for the both of you. If you guys were born" My mom explained.

"Which is?" I asked confusingly.

"We decided long ago and have been planning when you two were born that you guys..." Jay explained gesturing the two of us. Again.

"Are getting married to each other...Arrange-Marrige" Rick finished sighing and looking at us solemly.


"WHAT?!" Me an Louis said in unision. Utterly in shock.


"Arrange-Marrige. And you guys can't say no. We've been planning this since you guys weren't born. So you'll do it if you like it or not" My dad annouced in a serious. And I mean serious tone that made me scared a bit.


"No way in hell. I'm getting maried!" I almost yelled.

"You will and no buts, young lady" My mom said sternly and firmly serios.


"I said no buts. And perhaps we'll just cut the budget in your 'New York Trip' then?" She said crossing her arms over her chest.

I quickly remained silent and sink down on my seat.


"But I can't have a say in this? Like seriously mum! I dont want to 'married' to a fucking person I do not even know!" Louis exclaimed angrily.

"A NO IS A NO, LOUIS! now you would have to accept the fact that you're getting married and will be living with YOUR FIANCE before YOUR wedding!" Jay explained to Us .

"Which is 3 weeks away" Rick added.


My eyes widen in shock but remained silent.

"WHAT?!" Louis yelled.

Its like he red my mind.

"YES. Now take a seat and eat." Rick said once again.

Louis sat back down and muttered some words. He put his elbow on the table and his hand running through his hair.

Both parents shook thier heads and turn away and look at the waiter who just came in and gave us our food.

A heavy silence covered the whole room. Only the sound of the chopsticks were filling the silence.


Dinner went by fast. My parents and Louis' parents chatted their own convo and said to us to use the my dad's car in getting home to 'our' house. They gave us the adress and we continue to eat in silence and by we I mean me and Louis.

I was just looking down my lap not looking at Louis or any other particular thing.

How could they just annouce this all of the sudden? Its like time is running out. Which is isn't.

Dinner was finished and we got up and said our goodbye's to our parents. I seriously hate my parents right now.

They said to be careful and get to know each other more.

Like in fuck's way that will happen.

Me & Louis head to the car. I gave Louis the keys and I went to the passenger seat. I buckled my seatbelt as Louis starts the engine of Audi R8.

We drove in silence, not speaking a fucking word to each other.

I dont even want to know Louis nor get married to him.

Louis followed the adress that was gave to us and stopped at our destination. It was a hotel. Not just a hotel, but the largest and fanciest hotel in London.

We parked an got out of the car and into the hotel. Silence was still with us. We checked the adress we've been given and says that we need to go the presidential suite. Which was at the penthouse level.

Seriously? the presidential suite?

I don't even know my parents anymore.

We walked to the elevator and pushed the button to the penthouse level. We just stand there silence filling the whole room. I fiddled with ends of my hair and took a few glances at Louis until I heard the elevator dinged.

We got out of the elevator and to a hallway leading to the suite. We stopped at the suite and I saw Louis pull out something in his pocket. It was a keycard.

"Our parents gave it to us before we left" He explained. He just spoke for the first time.

I nodded an watch as he slid the keycard beside the door and watch it as the light turns to green.

Louis opened the door first to reveal a large room in the color of white and caramel. I walk slowly inside and look around. Then my eyes landed at the ONLY king size bed in the room.

I pop my eyebrow and turn around to look at Louis, who was leaning behind the door as it closes behind him.

He had this smirk plastered on his face, looking down.

I furrowed my brows. Why is he suddenly 'happy'?.

I was about to speak but then everything went fast.

Before I could speak, Louis immediately walk over me and put his arm around my waist. Firmly. He then put his other hand cupping my face and crashing his lips against mine.

He kissed me roughly but passionately. He closed the gap between us, our bodies pressed against each other. He kept biting and licking my lower lip, asking for an entrance. Which I obligued.

He began roaming around my mouth. Our lips moved in sync. It felt good and want.

He then pinned me against the wall, kissing me insanely. Which I responded back. My hands were now tangled in his hair.

He kissed my jawline to my neck, kissing it. I moaned a little while he lick my sweet-spot. I can feel his smile in my neck. He moved his lips to my jawline and back again, crashing his lips against mine.

He lifted up my thighs. I then wrap my legs around his waist, not breaking the kiss. Then i felt both of his were on my waist, gripping it firmly.

Then he moved away from the wall, while carrying me still not breaking the kiss. He move from the wall to the king-size bed and put me down the bed.

He broke the kiss and pulled his shirt off while me panting a bit. After taking his shirt off, he hovered over me and started kissing my neck roughly, making me moan loudly. I tug on his hair more as he suck in my neck.

Then I could feel his hands fiddling with my belt and strap of the dress. I smirk and pulled him away from my neck. I see him in confusion and panting his breathe a bit. I smirked and removed my belt. He smirked once he knew what I was doing and leaned in for a another kiss.

While kissing I was having a hard time with the zipper in the back of the dress. I groaned in frustration but I can feel his smirk and felt his hands made its way to my back. Unzipping my dress. Once it was unzipped. I pulled away.

I quickly slid off the dress leaving me in my black matching undergarments. I turn to look back at Louis and see he was staring at my body from head to toe. Then his lips turn to curve into a smirk.

I smirk back and lean- WAIT!! WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?!

Louis was about to lean for another hungrily kiss but I quickly pulled away and stood up.



I stood there infront of the bed. I started walking backwards until I hit a wall. I started panicking look for my dress or anything to cover my half naked body. I look around and saw a robe sitting just arcoss this small dresser.

I quickly grab it started covering my body. I put on the white robe and sevirely tie it around my waist. Once I was done, I turn to look back at Louis who was sitting up on the bed. Looking confuse as ever.

Well he should be. Cause' I'm more confuse than him.

Who just kisses you when their parents just annouced that your getting married to him/her? Its fucked up dude.

Wait. Whats more fucked up is that I liked it AND responded back to him.

Oh god.

Louis furrowed hus eyebrows amd stood up. Still shirtless. "O-kay. Why did you stop?" He asked confused.

My jaw dropped. He actually asked that? Doesn't he realize that I don't want this to happen nor being married to him?

"Be-because...I-I....Well, yo-you" I stammered and look at him, as his lips turn to a cheeky smirk.

"Because?" He mocked seductively. He came closer and closer to me by the second.

"Because I realized amd YOU should realize that we are doing something COMPLETELY wierd." I explained as he came closer until he was a few inches from me.

"Why weird?" he questioned as he stopped and stood infront of me. Just a few centimeters away from our bodies. I could feel his hot breathe hit my face.

"Dude, don't you realize that we are being FORCED to be married in 3 weeks. And we don't know a fucking thing about each other. Plus, it became weirder when YOU suddenly kiss me all of the sudden. And btw, why DID you kiss me? You don't know anything about me and we just knew our names a few hours ago" I explained once again.

He chuckled. He lean his foregead against mine, resting on top of it. I could him breathe against my face. Feeling his hot breathe on my body."You're so cute when you're bossy" He chuckled once more.

"I-I..." I sluttered lost for words.

"And I know we're getting married in 3 weeks. I do realize that we don't know a thing about each other. And because I kissed you is because you're MY fiance and I can do whatever I want to. Plus you are a tremendous kisser. And I wanted to kiss you. If we are getting married, then why waste the precious time" He explained.

I bit my lip. He told me I'm a good kisser. He told me I'm HIS fiance. He told me that he wanted to kiss me. He told me that why waste the time before we're married. And he told me I'm cute when I'm 'bossy'.

Well this is a fucked up situation. One minute I was silent with him, second he kissed me and I like it, third I hate him for kissing me and not realize we don't know each other, and finally fourth I'm starting to like him of what he says.

Its so fucked up right now. I bit my lip harder and look into his eyes. Then i heard him moan a little and groan. Ahh so lip biting is a turn on for him. Keep that in mind.

Before I knew it. He wrapped both arms around my waist again, closing the gap between us.

He was about to kiss me but I pulled away and wiggled out from his grip.

"No." I said sternly and walk to the closet to find half of my clothes were already there.

My parents really planned the wedding.

"Why? Its not like we hate each other" He exclaimed. Coming closer yet again to me.

I grab a pair of grey sweatpants by PINK and a black tank top. I closed the closet and turn around to be face to face with Louis. I raised a brow at him.

"I know we don't hate each other. But its just that, we don't LIKE each other" I said walking pass him and to the other side of the room.

I untied the robe and let the robe fall on the floor. I put on the sweatpants and I was about to put on the tank top when a pair of hands grip my bare waist. Louis.

I sigh in frustration and he spoke "Then lets get to know each other. And I know we will like each other sooner or later. Maybe even fall for each other. Plus I'm starting to enjoy your company. And you have an amazing body"

He turn me around facing him. He had this grin plastered on his faced. I sighed in frustration.

I knew I won't get rid of him no matter what. I'm stuck with gim for 3 weeks and I bet even forever.

"Fine then. But how?" I said defeated.

"By this." He said crashing his lips against mine...again.

I look taken back at first but went along with it.

"Whats...Your favorite... thing" Louis said in between kisses.

I giggled. "Sleeping" I responded back. I pulled away once more.

"That's one thing" I said looking into his eyes as he was about to lean again. I pulled away from the grip and peck him on lips. I walk away from him and threw on my tank top.

I heard him groan in frustration. I giggled to myself.

he thinks I'm going to let him that easily. Oh hell no I will not.

This going to be a rough ride.

But wait there is only one bed in this suite. So that means that I have to share a bed with Louis?

Oh god. Help me now.


So how was it? I know its kind of confusing (i think) but its a twist. So will Trixie let Louis do his thing? Or will she get to know him by HIS way or will Louis will do something while sleeping?

To be continued..

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I promise if I get some reads from this. I will update immediately. :)

-CoeyLlette :) xxx
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