Trust is a hard thing

Hey, my name is Cristin. One Direction is my life. My life is so different now that I have moved to London. I rode the London Eye, abd met 5 beautiful people along my way. My life is like a rollercoaster, just dont ride it for me!!


7. Strike one, strike two, HOME RUN! Out! the ball got caught

Strike one with Niall, terrible. Strike two, meh. Three, HOME RUN! I got a kiss from Niall! He kissed me and I felt sparks.
The best thing in the world is kissing a famous person that lives you back. Im at home now, way to happy to eat! "May i be excused? I finally met a new friend. But never got their number. We're gunna hang out today!" i whispered to my mom. "Yes." my mon replied. No. i told you so? I start running out the door. I call a taxi cab, and told the guy where Blondie lives.
One i got dropped off, i paid the guy, then bolted to his front door. I ring his doorbell. He's here. He emailed me that he would be. The car is in the driveway, but nobodys answering. I rang the doorbell again. No answer. Whats going on? I checked my email from my phone.
Niall: Yeah. Im home. you can stop by at 7:00.
OKAY ITS 7:00!!! I ring the bell again. Some girl answers. "Hello?" she askes with a tone "what are you? and why are you here?" god that girl is a SNOB!
"I'm Cristin. Nialls friend. And I'm not a what, I am a who. And you are?" i replied with sone sass.
"I'm Maria. Nialls girlfriend." my heart stopped. I just stared at her. I thought he was single!!

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