Trust is a hard thing

Hey, my name is Cristin. One Direction is my life. My life is so different now that I have moved to London. I rode the London Eye, abd met 5 beautiful people along my way. My life is like a rollercoaster, just dont ride it for me!!


6. Running

I never wanted to leave poor Niall! Stupid mom!
It has been my dream to meet him, hug him, kiss him, and date him! But all because of that dumb call, none of it will happen! We were just about to kiss, then i had to bolt! I am running now. My feet start to hurt, and it fells like i have been running for hours! I hear Nialls soft voice catching up to me. "Wait Cristin!!" I hear Niall screaming. I finally stop.
"I could of given you a ride. I didnt think you'd leave so soon." He kept going on. "And i never got to tell you this." he leaned in. We hear a loud beep. "NIALL WATCH OUT!" i screeched. I pused Niall out of the way and bolted. I saved my biggest hero from a truck. So technically I am his hero!
Niall caught up to me again, " You saved my life. Now you definately deserve this!" he leaned in and we kissed. I felt sparks fly. Niall is the one i should be with forever. I just know it.
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