Trust is a hard thing

Hey, my name is Cristin. One Direction is my life. My life is so different now that I have moved to London. I rode the London Eye, abd met 5 beautiful people along my way. My life is like a rollercoaster, just dont ride it for me!!


8. Maria. Psshhhtttt

Maria. PSSSHHHTT! i am way better than Maria. She is just another snob. Niall kissed me though!! I am so confused! Right when i finished staring i ran. I took off without a single word.
Maria is a brat! GRAH! I know! I can make her and Niall jealous by dating someone else. Doesnt have to be from the band, but it makes suspence. i can make myself look beautiful and date Harry Styles! I love Harry. And Harry will tell me if hes single. I can trust him.
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