Trust is a hard thing

Hey, my name is Cristin. One Direction is my life. My life is so different now that I have moved to London. I rode the London Eye, abd met 5 beautiful people along my way. My life is like a rollercoaster, just dont ride it for me!!


9. Hazza Styles and Me

i found Harry and got ready. I put my regular clothes on. (my regular is dirty and ratty clothing) I put mud on my face, and made myself look innocent and hurt.
"Help! Help! My leg! I think its broken!" I pouted. Harry dropped what he was doing and ran over, " Are you okay love? Do you need some help?" Hazza replied. "Yes please." I added. So he picked me up and carried me to his house. "Hey, Im Harry." he said. "Im Cristin." "Why are you being so nice to me?" " Because. You are hurt and need care. And you are beautiful in every single way." "Thanks, Harry. You too." I said. Harry laughs. He wraps his arm around me. I feel sparks already. And these are real. My stomach feels weird. I think i am actually in love with Harry. Niall was just a test. I think. My brain is saying different things. Harry leans in. I lean in with him. We kiss. This time, i feel something more with Harry than Niall. I love Harry Edward Styles.
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