I want to know. There are so many questions. I don't know where to start. I have to find out what is going on. I have wrote books and can't find them all. I had a lot of poems and books. I don't even see half of them. Where can I find them? What could have happened to them. I have worked myself hard to write them.


2. Dreams

I have nothing to fear, your here

My heart you are safe in

To sway forever we will stay

My heart will go on

This way we will stay forever


On and on my heart will go

Your in my heart

Please open the door again

My heart will go on, I believe

Wherever you are near or far


We'll always go on in my life

I held you one time

I loved you that was love

I will never let you go 'til we're gone

A life time we will last

One time love will touch us


On and on my heart goes

Your here in my heart

Open the door once more

The heart does go on

Wherever you are far or near


You have come to show me

Go on

There is no space between us

Across the distance

That is how I know you love

I feel you and see you

In my dreams everynight



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