I want to know. There are so many questions. I don't know where to start. I have to find out what is going on. I have wrote books and can't find them all. I had a lot of poems and books. I don't even see half of them. Where can I find them? What could have happened to them. I have worked myself hard to write them.


1. What

I want to know
Just what is going on
I have worked hard
And had so many

Books and poems
That I wrote
Now I come and look
But can't find

I was going to add
Chapter's to the book
But I did not see it

I will have to go through
All my books to find
The name's of all of them
I want to find them

If you know how
Or what I can do
Please let me know
I was proud of them

Happy to be on here
I love the site
Love the people
But I need to know

My poems
And books
Are safe here
That I can always trust

This site
I dont want to quit here
I enjoy it so much
I love it here

So please will someone
Help me to find
My books and all my poems
I thank all of you
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