Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


8. 1/7/13

Dear diary ,
the last few days were like our lazy days , but today we went to the beach . I put on my yellow polka dot bikini with a white t shirt and booty shorts . I put on my slippers and put my hair into a messy bun . After that , we headed for the beach . It was empty , thankfully . Every place we went we were mobbed by fans . Today , though , it was different . I liked it . Harry sat on the beach looking at the waves and everyone else was splaching in the water , except for Perrie who was tanning . I walked up to harry and sat next him . " Why did you leave them ? " he asked . " why are you just sitting here ? " he put his arm around my flat stomach and kissed my cheek . " its nice to have a break " " what do you mean ? " i asked . " put yourself in my position . Everywhere i go there are girls screaming and people taking pictures and and - " " harry okay . I get it . You want to be alone " i said " no Bella i didnt mean it like that . I just liked having a break from all that other stuff . I dint want to be away from you " he said gripping my arm and pulling me down . I smiled and kissed him passionately . We smiled at eachother with out foreheads touching when it started to rain . The rest of them ran back to the hotel which wasnt even a block away but Harry and i just walked around hand in hand in the rain . When we got back , we were soaking and Liam got us a towel . Hes so sweet . We dried up and i slept over with Harry again . We cudled for a long time until we both fell asleep .
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