Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


4. 1/3/13

Dear diary ,
i woke up today on my bed . They must have moved me . How sweet (' one thing i noticed , though , that i was the only one in the room . I went to take a shower and when i got out it the room was still empty . I curled my hair and put on a really cute sun dress that was strapless and the waist up was black but the waist down was light teal ish . It was short . Just above my knees i put on flats that were the same teal color . My favorite color . I put a light blue flower in my hair and put on eye liner , mascara and a little blush . I put on a pearl bracelet and the same teal - colored earings . I looked alright . I went out on the balcony and the view was beautiful ! I sat on the balcony and looked at my phone . 8 : 37 am . I decided to call Zayn . " hey ! Where are you guys ? " " Goodmorning babe , we just went out to get breakfast well be back soon . " "okay bye " i sat on the balcony for a while until i heard the door open . They walked in and saw me . " woah " they all said in unison . " you look beautiful today " harry said . " thank you " i blushed . They introduced me to Eleanor , Danielle , and Perrie . They were beautiful ! Why cant i look like them ? They were holding 3 boxes , two of them had donuts and i wasnt allowed to open the other one , which was larger than the other 2 . After we were all done with breakfast , they opened the box to show me a huge happy birthday cake ! I felt embarassed and they sang me happy birthday . I said thank you to all of them and we all had delicous strawberry cake . Zayn knows me so well (: after that we all went to the mall and split up . The boys and the girls . I didnt let the girls buy me anything but when we met up with the boys they had a shitload of gifts for me . I felt bad and told them to return it but they didnt take no for an answer . So , i said thank you to all of them . After we got back to the hotel , me and the girls bought lunch . After lunch , we watched another movie and i sat on the floor nexto Harry . In the middle of the movie , Zayn asked me " So , Bella do you have a boyfriend " i didnt reply . Harry asked " Do you ? " i didnt want to talk about it . We just broke up . " Uhh we just broke up . " i replied Louis tapped Harrys shoulder with his foot and Harry gave him a stare ." Oh . In sorry " Zayn and Harry said simutaniously . I laughed at them and said its okay . " Do you mind me asking why ? " Perrie asked . " Uhh i dont know i just wasnt feeling it anymore . " i said and looked down at my hands . Harry grabed my hand and i felt my cheeks burning up . " im sorry " he whispered into my ear " its okay . Im fine " i replied . Louis nudged Harrys shoulder again . " uhh Bella ? " Harry said " yes ? " i replied " umm do you want to have dinner with me tonight ? " " like a date ? " i asked " no , not like a date . A date . " i looked at my right hand which was on my lap . Harry was holding my left hand . " yeah . Sure id love to " i said . Harry and Louis smiled and Nial and Perrie went " ooooo " making fun of us . I blushed again and we continued watching the movie .
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