Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


5. 1/3/13 part 2

By the time the movie finished , it was around 8 : 30 and Harry and i left . The rest of them ordered room service . Harry took me to a beautiful resteraunt . He pulled back my chair for me and he was being a perfect gentleman . " soo Harry " i asked , " isit true you always kiss girls on the first date ? " " of course , always " he said with a wink . I giggled and he laughed back and said " im just kidding , by the way , i usually do but it depends . " " depends on what ? " i replied . " the girl " he said . " oh yeah thats what i thought haha wha t kind of girl ? " i asked " a girl like you " he replied with another wink . He really is that cheeky . I felt myself blushing and he said " you really do look beautiful today " i blushed even more " thank you . You just made my day " i said with a smile and he smiled back . He was so charming " good . Im glad . " i smiled and looked at my lap . After dinner was finished , we fought over the check but he ended up paying . We walked down the street to a park . It was lit up and it was beautiful . We walked a little bit more until we reached some grass and he stoed . I looked at him and he lyed on the grass . I giggled and he signaled for me to lie nexto him , so i did . " tell me about yourself , Bella " he said " what do you want to know ? " i asked . " anything . What language other than english do you speak ? " " Togalog and sign language " i replied " you speak sign language ? Teach me ! " " its really complicated " " then teach me Togalog " he said " thats complicated too " i said and laughed . " damn . So youre filipino ? " " yeah born and raised but we moved to UK when i was around 9 and thats how i met Zayn , but when i was about 15 and he was 16 i moved to California . " " thats cool . Why did you move ? " our family was in California or Philippines and they said id have a better future in California . But anyway , what about you ? " i asked " well , i am from Holmes Chapel , Cheshire and i only speak inglish " he said and laughed . " i think its cool that Nial speaks fluent spanish " " i know ! But you speak three languages and he only speaks two " yeaah but its not that special " i replied" of course it iss ! Everything about you is special " i smiled at him . " the stars are beautiful " i said " almost as beautiful as you " he said and i smiled at him again . " well , i hate to say this but we better get going " he said " youre right " , i said , looking at my phone " its already midnight " he stood up and helped me up . We walked out to the entrence of the park . He stood there and turned to face me . He wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me . I put my hands around his neck as i kissed him back . He pulled away and we both smiled . His dimples were adorable . " i guess i am the type of girl youd kiss on the first date " i said giggling he winked and said " of course ! " we walked back to the hotel and went to bed . They got another room so it was girls in one room and boys in the other .

I walked in and the girls were waiting for me . When they saw me they yelled and screamed with excitement . Eleanor smiled and said " alright babe . Lets hear it " i smiled and told them everything that happened and by the end they were screaming again . I laughed and Danielle got a text from Liam " you guys are so loud ! " we all laughed and Danielle asked me " soo is he your boyfriend yet ? " " i dont know " i replied " you should ask " Eleanor said " you should do it for me " " ask him to be your boyfriend ? " Perrie asked " No , ask if he is " i said " ohh okay ill text him right now " she said " thanks babe ! " i said with a smile . We waited impatiently for a response . He said " uhhh idk ill ask her to be my girlfriend sometime later " " laaame " she replied and we all laughed . " alright ladies lets go to bed " Dani said and we all listened . " goodnight babes " Eleanor said " goodnight everyone " i said " goodnight ! " Perrie and Dani said at the same time and we all burst out laughing " okay okay goodnight " Perie said between laughs . Today was nice (:
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