Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


22. 1/22/13

Dear diary , so , basically yesterday we were in a plane for like 10 hours so i decided not to write because it didnt really seem necessary . But today ! Today was aaammaaazzinggg . So we arrived in San Francisco , which is where i live , and my family already knows im going on tour with One Direction so a bunch of my friends packed my bags for me . How sweet (' i stopped by my house anyway to say my goodbyes and introduce Harry to my family . I hugged and kissed all my friends and family and went to my room to get a few other things . After i got back downstairs , they were waiting for us in the limmo . Yes , a limmo ! After all my stuff was in , we headed for the hotel . They said they were still getting the bus ready , so they got all our stuff and said it would be inside and ready for us . After we thanked them and got all our stuff for that night and the next day , we went to the hotel . This time , we had our own rooms ! To save money , though , the boys suggested Harry and i share and Zayn and Perrie , etc . And we all gladly accepted . Harry and i went to our big beautiful room and layed down . Our room was beautiful ! The walls were striped red and gold and so were the curtains . The balcony was beautiful and there was a beautiful view but we werent allowed to go outside . The bed was king sized and there were two bed - side tables . Across was a vanity that was light yellow . To the right was a bathroom which was opposite to a door which leads to the room Next to us . I think it ' s Niall ' s . I put my stuff on a chair that was next to the bed and layed on the bed . Harry did the same . '' This room is beautiful '' i said with a kiss '' almost as beautiful as you '' he said and i could feel myself blush . He says that a lot . '' you know , i know i say this a lot but this would be the perfect opportunity to '' his voice trailed off , assuming id know the end of his sentence . '' maybe you can convince me '' i said with a wink '' wow i didnt think youd consider that '' he said '' haha whatever '' i said '' i'll convice you '' he said with a wink '' by tonight he said '' alriight '' i said '' we ' ll see '' he kissed me and said '' lets watch tv '' i forgot to mention there was a flat - screen tv across from the bed . For a while we flipped through the tv channels until we landed on one of those court shows . We watched that for about an hour until Liam came in and invited us to him and Danielle ' s room for dinner , theyre ordering pizza . We all sat in a circle and talked about how pschyced we all were for the tour . Harry ate and whispered something into Louis ' ear and Louis gave him a fist - bump and he left . I asked why but he just said hed meet me at the room later . The girls and i decided to go to the mall and by the time we got back it was around 8 : 30 . I put my room key in and the lights were off . '' Harry ? '' i said and thought he was just sleeping but before i could do anything he jumped out of the closet and Covered my eyes . I yelled but he hushed me . '' I have a surprise for you '' he whispered in my ear and kissed my neck . It made me moan his name . He walked me over and stopped right in front of the bed . '' Ready ? '' he asked '' yeah '' i replied and he lifted his hands from my face . There were candles everywhere surrounding the bed , on the bed table , on the vanity and rose petals on the floor and on the bed . It looked beautiful '' Are you convinced yet ? " he asked me '' Yes '' i replied . I jumped on him amd wrapped my legs around his waist . We kissed and he layed me down on the bed . He lifted his head from mine and i pulled his shirt off . Then i took off his pants and underwear until he was completely naked . Then he flipped me over and undressed me . He positioned himself at my enterance . '' Are you sure youre ready ? '' he asked me '' yes ''
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