Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


3. 1/2/13 ( part 2 )

They brought me to a beautiful hotel . Our suite had 5 beds and it was huge ! The boys told me that the most beds in a room was five , so Liam voulenteered himself to sleep on the couch after all the boys fought over sharing a bed with me . Zayn warned me about how cheeky theyd be . This was so amazing ! I get to share a room with One Direction ! By the time we got there , it was around 7 , so we went out to eat . Can you guess where we went ? Nandos . After dinner we came to the hotel and we all changed into our pajamas . They decieded to put on a horror movie and squeezed onto the couch i sat inbetween Zayn and Harry . Harry told me when i get scared that hes right there . I thanked him and didnt think i would need it but i found myself holding his hand . I feel asleep on his shoulder and the rest of the boys left us alone on the couch . This was going to be a very fun 2 weeks .
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