Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


21. 1/20/13

Dear diary , So , today was our last day here so we did an all nighter . It was fun but Zayn , Perrie , and Liam fell asleep , so we drew on their faces . We all sat in a circle and told a bunch of embarrassing stories . I told a bunch of Zayns embarrasing stories from when we were kids , since he wasnt awake to deny them . After that , we woke up zayn perrie and liam to go to a bonfire on the beach . Liam got up but we had to do the water thing to Zayn and Perrie . It was around 3 : 00 am . We all got our notes and went down to the beach . '' What did you write ? '' Niall asked me . '' i dont knoow '' i replied '' Fiine i see how it is '' Niall said and i laughed . When we got there , we all sat in a circle . I sat nexto Harry , he sat next to louis , he sat nexto eleanor , she sat nexto dani , she sat nexto liam , he sat nexto niall , he sat nexto perrie who sat nexto zayn we sat nexto me . The boys made a fire and we all threw our notes in . '' What did you write ? '' Zayn asked me '' top secret '' i replied and he stuck his lip out . I laughed and called him an idiot and he hugged me and told me how much he missed me . The boys surprised us with five tents ! So harry and i shared , zayn and perrie shared , liam and danielle shared , louis and eleanor shared , and poor niall had his own . When we were in the tent , Harry said to me '' You know , if you change your mind , this is the perfect opportunity to - '' '' Harry ! '' i cut him off . '' Alriight i get it you want to wait '' he said '' thanks babe '' i kissed him . '' we can still '' he started but he paused '' still what ? '' i asked and he kissed me . It was the most passionate kiss i have ever experienced . We made out for a while then it was around 5 : 00 am and we walked on the beach . It was beautiful the sun was just rising . Since we all spread out for privacy , we saw a tent and wondered whos it was . We peaked in and saw eleanor and louis playing cards . Hahaha weirdos . They said hello and we stole their shoes which they left outside and kept walking . We saw another tent and saw zayn and perrie inside but they were naked ! Sleeping in eachothers arms . We closed the tent and hid behind a rock and i screamed . I like shreaked and zayn peaked his head out . Harry and i were laughing so hard ! And i screamed again and thats when they got scared so harry and i came out and they laughed but perrie got kind of pissed . After that , we looked for nialls tent and he was twitcamming . We went in and joined him and they announced to everyone that i was harrys girlfriend . After that , we went back to our tent . It was about 6 : 30 am and we went to sleep .
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