Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


19. 1/19/13

Dear diary ,
We are leaving for tour tomorow so we have to pack up all our things . I woke up in Harry ' s strong arms and i tried to get up but he just pulled me back down , so i made him get up too . Eleanor and Dani got up as well . We all started packing and when i was finished , i took a shower . Diary , i have a tatoo . I never told you but i like to hide it from people especially my parents . So , today i got in the shower and didnt wash my hair (i wash it every other day , since washing it every day is not good for it ) so my hair was in a bun . My tatoo is in the nape of my neck , right below my hairline . It is like a tear like it looks like my skin is ripped off and i have robot parts inside . Its cool (: so while i was taking a shower , i thought someone walked into the bathroom . I thoughtbit was just one of the girls because we always do that with eachother and it doesnt really matter . My back is facing the outside of the shower so i dont know eho it is . After a few minutes i hear " hows it goin ? " i jump and see that Harry is in the shower with me . " oh my gosh ! Harry ! " i exclaim " its okay lets just " he paused " no " i said " why ? Were both virgins ! " he said " so what ? " i said " not until im married " " oh okay i tespect that " he said and kissed me . We made out for a while and when we were done , i turned around to turn off the shower , when he grabbed my waist and spinned me around " not yet " he whispered and we made out again . " soo have you canged your mind ? " he asked with a smile and a wink " no " i said smirking and turned around to turn of the shower . When i turned back around , he kissed me cheek . " im glad you want to wait " he said while kissing my neck " mhm sure you are " and i grabbed a towel . Im surprised he didnt notice my tatoo yet ! Its very noticable . When i turned around and got out of the shower , harry said " wow . I didnt know im dating a robot " i covered my neck with my hand " Harry you CANNOT tell anyone ! " i zaid " why ? " he asked "" because . Please " i said kissing his lips " okay . I promise " he said " thanks babe "i said with a smile . We kissed and got dressed . As we left Eleanor and Dani went " oooo lala what have you been doing in there ? " we noth laughed and Harry said " actually , nothing . " thry laughed and i laughed and kissed his cheek . After everyone else woke u0 , we had brakfast . They had omelets but i dont like eggs . Plus im vegiterian . After we got back , we cldaned up everything and left a tip for the maid . We also left a thank you card . We sat in a circle anr ste breakfast . Omelets but i didnt he any because i dont like eggs . And im vegitarian . After breakfast , we sat in a circle and talked . Everyone had fun but not as much as i dis . " we should all wite like a diary of what we thought this trip was about " Perrie said " like a page and no one will read it . Afterwars we can throw it in a fire " she said " yeaah we should have a bonfire ! " Dani said " alright guys . Everyone write stuff and tomorow well go down to the beacch .

*A/n : Hey beautiful people ! Im out of ideas for this fanfic so you should comment what happens next (: thanks ! (:
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