Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


17. 1/18/13

Dear diary ,
Boy , was Niall drunk yesterday ! We all forgot , though that were supposed to be leaving for tour tomorow . Liam got a call , though , from Paul . He said were not leaving til day after tomorow . Well , anyway , we were at breakfast and i was about to take the trash out of the door when Perrie says " you know people come in to take that , right ? " "yeah " i reply " but i feel bad for the people that do . " i said " take it o later " he says " were not done eating " how rude ! Its okay . He didnt mean to be . " Harry , y should do the dishes since im taking out the trash " i say " eh ill think about it " he says . After breakfast , eeryone leavs to get ready for the day and Harry and i are left to wait for an empty bathroom . " sooo " Harry says " they all take forever so we have a while to do whatever we want . " he says as hes pushing me up against the wall . Our foreheads are touching and i can fel his warm breath on my skin . " i know what we sould do " i say while leaning in really close . I kiss his neck a few times and lean in to whisper something in his ear " do the dishes " i say as i slip out of his reach and smile . " wooow " he sais and makes a puppy dog face . I turn around and walk away to throw out the garbage . " maybe " i said " if the dishes are done when i come back ... " i shut the door . " then what ? " he yells back after me . I keep walking and smile to myself . How did i get this lucky ? My boydriend is Harry Styles !

After i came back from taking out the trash , Harry was annoyed . I laughed and kissed him but he just stuck out his lip and pretended like he was sad and moapy . He sat on the couch and ignored everything i said . I was just staring into space . I put my face up right infront of his , our faces were less than an inch apart . I looked into his goregeous green eyes and he continued to ignore me . I brought my face closer and kissed his lips and he still stayed there . Emotionless . " Harry ! " i yell . He ignored me . I sat on the couch nexto him and put my face in my hands and pretended to cry . He looked over to me " Bella bella im sorry i was just kidding ! " i still pretended to cry . " Bella ! Okay ill stop ignoring you ! Stop crying please ! " i look up and smile " you were faking ! " he said " haha youre so cute " i replied " did it bother you that much ? Can you like not stand to see me cry ? " " no i cant stand to see you cry ! I love you " he said with a wink . " i love you too " i reply with a kiss .

After Harry and i took a shower , we all sat in a circle and played truth or dare . " Ill go first ! " Louis said . " hmmmm ... Bella ! Truth or dare ? " he said with a smirk . " you whould pick me . Uhh dare " he thought .... " i dare you to lick the floor ! " he said . I laughed " youre gross . " i licked the floor and everyone went ewwww " she actually has the balls to lick the floor " Liam said and i laughed " my girlfriend has balls ! ? " Harry asks and i hit his arm lightly . " im kidding " he said . " Bella ! Its your turn " Dani said . " hmmm Louis ! Since you licked me ill pick you ! " i said . " hmmm im kind of afraid of what youll make md do sooo truth " i laughed and called him a wuss . " first kiss " i said with a smirk . He hated saying his first kiss story so i always made him repeat it any chance i got . He said his story and it was his turn again . They told him to pick someone else since he was probably going to do that . " Harry " he said with a smirk " oh my gosh . " Harry said , " truth or dare ? " Louis asked . " Turth " he said and i called him a wus too . " have you ever lost your virginity ? " he smirked . He looked aat me then at Louis . " hes only 18 for god sake ! " Liam said " Uhh nineteen as of like 13 days ! And yes . I am a virgin " he said . I leaned over a little bit and whispered in his ear " bullshit " he looked at me and smiled . " are you one ? " he asked me " of course " i said with a wink . He kind of laughed and kissed my cheek .

Later , we decided to ' rehurse ' them , so we went to the storage amd brought up a drum set . Yes i play drums too along with eight other instruments . Louis played piano , Niall played guitar and i played percussion . Harry and i shared the very tiny chair . They sang the whole " Up All Night " album and " Take Me Home " it was beautiful . I kissed him afterwards and we went to lunch . " I call driving this time ! " Zayn said . Niall sat in the passengers seat and Harry and Louis sat in the middle seats . We had to squeeze five people in the back , but Liam is such a gentleman he barely sat on the seat so that we all had space .

We got back around 3 and didnt know what to do . We looked through the movies and decided to watch a Disney movie . We drank champagne and after we were done , we filled the bottle with water , put the cork back on and put it back so that we werent charged for it . One of is saw it on ' friends ' . The TV show . After the movie ended , we ate an early dinner and bought room service ( with Nialls money , since he lost the bet ) and after that we all got ready for bed and had a sleepover . We shared beds and Niall got his own . Lucky . Today was a pretty good day (:
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