Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


16. 1/17/13 part two

Dear diary ,
For the party , i put on a black dress that was strapless and had a pink bow in the front that tied around the waist . I put on pink bow earings and pink heels . I wore gold bangles and a black clutch bag . I put my hair in a pony tail and tied a pink bow around it . I put on mascara , eye liner , blush and can you guess ? Hot pink eye shadow . I put on bright red lipstick and i was finally ready . When i was done we were only waiting for Perrie and Zayn to finish getting ready . " Ready ? " Perrie asks as she and Zayn simultaniously come out of the bathroom . " Are you ? " Harry asks " you guys didnt take long enough today " he was being very sarcastic . " ha ha " Perrie said sarcastically . " Lets go ! " Lian says . We all pile into the car . " we should make a bet " Danielle says " whoever gets drunk or the worst drunk has to buy us dinner and lunch tomorow . " she says . " alright " everyone says . We all know who was going to loose that one . Niall .

" Zayn ! " Mike yells as he goes up to hug him . " woah . Hey im mike " he sais to Perrie " back off man " Zayn says half laughing . He laughs back and pulls me into a very tight hug . He wreaked of alcahol " Bella ! How long has it been ? " he yells " at least four years . " i reply " thats too long . It is so nice to see you again ! This is my boyfriend Harry and thats Niall and Liam and Louis . And Eleanor and Danielle " " its nice too see you too Bella ! And its nice to meet you guys ! " he greets everyone " well , whats mine is yours . Make yourself at home . The beers over there " he sais pointing to the beer " thanks man " Zayn says " Thanks ! " i say " oh youre welcome youre welcome go crazy " he sais with a grin and we walk to the couch to sit down . Zayn and i get up to talk to all of our old friends and we all dispurse . I pulled Harry with me , though , our hands intertwined . I introduce him to all my old friends and hd goes to get us a drink . He comes back with two red cups and hands one to me . " Thanks " i say giving him a kiss on the cheek . " dont drink too much unless you want to buy everyone lunch and dinner tomorow " he says with a wink " mhm " i reply giggling at him . He knows how much i like to drink when im iin England . Since im 19 and its legal here . " Bella ? " i turn around to see my old ex boyfriend . I had a rea connection with him . The only reason we broke up is because i moved to California . " Josh ? Oh my gosh ! Hi ! " i say gocing him a hug . " this is my boyfriend , Harry " i say and they shake hands " nice to meet you " they both say . " soo how did you guys know eachother ? " Harry asks and before i could say anything Josh says " we went out . For quite a while , actually . " " oh " Harry said . " oh dont worry man there nothing betweenvus now . Were just friends . Right ? " he asks . It was kind of akward since this was the first time since we broke up that we were talking to eachother . " yeah ! Friends of course " i say with a smile. Just then , my phine rings .

" Hello ? "
" Bella " i hear Danis voice through the phone
" yeah . Nialls like really drunk . We have to leave now "
" alright . Well meet you at the car "
" kay bye "

" it was nice seeing you again but we have to leave now " i say " oh yeah it was nice seeing you too " he says and gives me a hug . We say goodbye to mike and all my old friends . We went back to the car and while walking Harry asks " sooo ex boyfriend ? " " oh please . Dont act like you havent had a girlfriend before me Harry " i say " i know its just - " " are you jealous ? " i ask " little bit haha " he sais " dont be " i say and gave him a kiss .
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