Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


14. 1/16/13

**** bella ' s diary *******

Dear diary ,
in a few days we will be leaving for tour and i cant be more excited ! It starts in California which is perfect because i can go home and pack more things that i need like clothes . Today , we are going to play laser tag ! Im excited . I took a shower and put on denim leggings , red flats , red hoop earrings and a striped white and red shirt . I held a white bag . I put my usual make up and today i put on lip gloss with it . " I like your shirt " Louis tells me " Thanks " i say back happily . Harry comes in our room a few minutes later and gives me a goodmorning liss and tells me i look stunning . Thats when i feel my cheeks burn up . " alright . Lets go ! " Zayn sais " Alright im driving ! " Harry sais and Louis protestss . Harry ends up driving .

When we get there , everything was dark . The girls and i all pick green jackets . The boys all pick blue jackets . A short woman with long brown hair comes on the lous speaker and tells us the rules . We walk in and we have one minute to walk around and get familiar . After a minute , the lights go off and a huge bell rings . Eleanor and decide to stick together . We have gotten very close the past week and a half . We walk by Liam and i shoot him . " Hey ! " he yells Nd i laugh we walk away while his gun is re charging . Louis comes by and shoots the both of us . We all laugh and after our vests re charge i shoot Louis . We make our was to the big target and shoot Zayn who is gaurding it . We then shokt the target , winning 50 points for pur teeam . At the end of the game , we look at the bpard . I got 10th qwith 850 points . Eleanor got 11th and the boys all beat us . " ha ha ! " Nial said into our faces . We laugh " whatever ! " i rreply after this , we go to Nandos and eat lunch . After lunch , we get back to the hotel . We decide to watch another movie and i fall asleep on Harry again . This morning , though i woke up still on the couch . My head was on Harrys chest and his arm was around my waist . There was a big blanket over us and it was very warm .
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