Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


12. 1/15/13

Dear diary ,
i woke up today in tears . Me and Danielle have been comforted be Eleanor and Perrie all night . This morning i got a text from Harry .

" we need to talk . Meet me in the lobby in 15 minutes "

I said okay . Was he going to brake up with me ? I took a shower and put on a light blue dress with ruffles in the front and a thin brown belt that crossed the waist . I put on light blue flats and earings that were buttons . I put on a gold necalace that said my name and i put a blue flower in my hair . " how do i look ? " i sked " goregeous " the girls said playing with my pony tai . " why doesnt Liam want to talk to me ? " Dani asked . I hugged her and said that he was probably gonna talk to her after me and Harry did . They wished me luck and i left . We were on the 17th floor and i didnt like using the elevator so it took me about 5 minutes . When i got there Harry was sitting on a couch at the side . When he saw me he stood up . I tried to kiss him but he pulled away . I felt my eyes water . He grabbed me hand .

" Danielle texted me yesterday and told me everything . " he said . I was surprised . I texted Liam but i didnt see her on her phone yesterday .

" what did she tell you ? " i asked she told him everything . She made it sound like it was no ones fault . She has a good way of putting words together .

" im sorry " i said " i didnt do any thing . Nothing happend . I would never do that to you " i said . I felt tears stream down my face . I was wiping them away when he kissed me .

" mahal kita . " he said . " did i say it right ? I dont know if you know this but it means ' i love you ' in tagalog . " i laughed and kissed him

" mahal kita den "
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