Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


10. 1/13/13

Dear diary ,
Today was interesting . I woke up at around 7 : 30 today . I was nexto Harry in the girls ' room . It was wierd because all of the girls left their room yesterday and the boys were in their own beds . I looked around and Louis was on Eleanor ' s bed , Liam was in Dani ' s bed , and Zayn was in Perrie ' s and poor Niall was by himself . At least he had his own bed . He was in the spare one since we had five beds and there was only Eleanor four of us . I looked at Eleanor whos eyes fluttered open . She looked to her right to see Louis . She was as confused as i was . I tried to get up but i felt Harry ' s strong arms on my waist . " whdfre are you going ? " he asked . His voice was raspy groggy " i was going to shower . When did you guys get here ? " " around 3 . We couldnt sleep so we decided to come here " he replied and me and Eleanor smiled at how cute they are. " goodmorning Bella & Harry" Eleanor said " Goodmorning Eleanor and Harry " i said " morning babe . Morning Eleanor " Harry said . " we should get up now " Eleanor said " youre right . Harry get up " i said Eleanor shook Louis and he jumped on Dani and Liam ' s bed until they got up and Harry woke up Nial . Eleanor and i tried to wake up Zayn and Perrie but they wouldnt get up . I knew exactly how to get Zayn up . Liam picked up Perrie and put her on the ground , forcing her to wake up and Niall and i dumped a bucket of water on Zayn . He was pissed ! We were laughing really hard but Zayn got over it . Well anyway , Zayn dried himself up and we all discussed everything we were going to and we got ready . Today , i my skinny jeans were peach - colored and i wore a long slweved grey shirt with the same peach colored scarf and bag and peach - feather ear rings and grey heels . We were about to leave when Niall got a call from Paul . He left the room to talk but when he came back he had an announcement for us "Hey guys , were going on tour in five days . " our faces dropped . We were supposed to stay here for another week ! At least he only cut 2 days of our stay here . " why dont you come with us ? " Zayn asked " can we ? " i responded " of course ! Ill text Paul " Liam said and our happy mood was back . I was going on tour with one direction !
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