Dear diary ,

Bella grew up with Zayn and they have always been very good friends . There is no way they will ever date , so when he introduces her to the rest of One Direction , which one will she fall for ?


1. 1/1/13

Dear diary ,
My name is bella and i have long dark brown hair and brown eyes . My birthday was yesterday and it was AMAZING ! Yes , im a New Years baby (: so , before i tell you the story , you will need some background on me . I grew up with Zayn Malik . Yes . " the Zayn malik 1 / 5 of One Direction . " he and i are very good friends , so we made sure to keep in touch and when he went to x factor my family and i moved to California . So , for my 19th birthday he flew me over to England meet one direction ! Here's what happened...

1/1/13 i woke up at 3 : 00 am to get a call from Zayn . I was instantly awake . " Zayn ! " i yelled happily into my phone . " Bella ! " he yelled , mocking me . " hey whats up ?" " Umm i have a few thing to tell you . One , happy new year and two , HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! " he yelled , hurting my ear . " Haha thank you ! And happy new year to you too ! I cant believe you remembered my birthday . " i said happily . " i would never forget your birthday ! Now , ask me what i got you . " he said . " what ? " i asked . " are you free for the next 2 weeks ? " " today i am goin out with my family but tomorow and the next two weeks i am free . " i had just graduated from high school and i dont go to college til next August . " cool . Im flying you over here to meet the boys " he said and i was buzzed " What !? Oh my gosh thank you ! " i was so excited you have no idea . I fangirled for a while until he calmed me down and he let me sleep . I was going to meet One Direction ! I was so excited !
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