Vanessa has always been a stubborn child, even when she was younger (she once refused to eat for an entire week because she was convinced the aliens were trying to turn people into zombies through the food). Not exactly a brat, just very hard-headed. She's almost too opinionated, outgoing, and just about down for anything. It's her way or the highway.
So when she loses her only parent and is shipped off to live with her cousin Zayn in the U.K., she throws a fit. She loves her cousin in all, but her whole life is being uprooted and she can't stand it. Pissed when she doesn't get her way and actually has to move, she's not exactly too thrilled to meet Zayn's band buddies. To bad she doesn't exactly have a choice, and ends up in a situation her stubborn heart never thought she'd be in.


1. Chapter 1






So this is my first story published on here guys! :o Please tell me what you think. <3



(Vanessa's P.O.V.)

This isn't cool. At all. The U.S. is my home, not England. I don't even know where the hell we're going; I didn't bother to ask. I couldn't care less, because one way or another I'm getting my ass back to America. I have no idea what it's even like here. And I've seen some British shows--I can barely understand them! How am I going to be able to talk to people if their accents sound like a foreign language to me?

I'm so fucked.

"If you could fasten your seatbelts passengers, we are about to land. Thank you for..." I ignored the rest of what the flight attendant had to say; it really didn't matter. All I knew is that the plane was about to land and I was about to start freaking out. Planes aren't my favorite things in the world, and the landing part was definitely the worst. I'm not sure why though, it just was.

I tugged my Beats earphones out of my ears and rolled them up around my iPod quickly before shoving both into my purse. Gripping the arms of my chair, I closed my eyes and sang I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys--old, I know--inside my head as the plane landed. It was something I always did when I was scared or upset; the song was like my safety blanket. It was on repeat inside my head as of late.

As soon as the flight attendant said it was okay to unbuckle and get the hell out of there I high tailed it. I practically tripped and slide down the plane's steps I was moving so fast. When my balance was caught I hurried inside the building and waited very impatiently for my luggage. I had my phone out, trying to act like I was preoccupied and wasn't a complete loner. Tumblr was my best friend, especially since I didn't have long-distance minutes yet, and I starred at my screen blankly.

Thoughts I had since blocked out of my mind wandered back in.

Dad. My father was my only immediate family left and now he was gone. My heart panged like it had happened only yesterday when in reality it had been almost two weeks. I had been an emotional wreck the whole first week, but was somehow able to smack some sense into myself by day eight. My dad wouldn't have wanted me to be sad for him--he was in a better place. He wasn't suffering with his heart problems anymore and that was majorly a good thing.

I wiped a tear that managed to slip down my cheek angrily. I promised myself I wouldn't cry, that I'd be strong and show cousin Zayn I was perfectly fine. I wasn't, but I didn't want him worrying about me. His band was about to go on tour and I didn't need him all unfocused and what not because of me.

His band. Geez, more bad thoughts. I had never met my cousin's band buddies, but I'd heard they were absolutely insane. They were probably nice people, but I wasn't ready for this at all. I wasn't ready to be out there and act like the crazy wild child I am. It was too soon. Besides, I was pissed I had to be dragged all the way over here anyway.

Seeing as how I don't turn eighteen for another three months, I still needed a parental guardian since my dad wasn't here. My only family left was Zayn and his parents, and they happily took me in. Honestly I think they just pitied me. I don't really see the importance of having them around though, really. I was already out of high school and was about to move out. The social worker didn't care. She placed me under Auntie and Uncle Malik's hands anyway.

I didn't mind too much--I loved them almost as much as I loved my dad--I was just furious that I had to move all the way the hell across the world. I would've much rather lived by myself back in Texas. At least then I'd still have my friends. Now I have to start completely over. It was irritating.

I know what you're thinking--if she's under Zayn's parents care, then why is she going to live with the boys? Good question. Problem was, his parents were off on some world-wide cruise and weren't coming back for another month. So until then I was stuck in a house full of hyper-active boys. Oh joy, lucky me.

My bag magically caught my attention and I hurried forward to grab it before it could run away. Warily I glanced around for my ride. This place was freakin' crowded and it was almost impossible to find anyone. Since my aunt and uncle obviously couldn't be here, Zayn agreed to come pick me up. I told him not too--I didn't want him being trampled by fans--but he told me he was coming anyway. He said he'd be in somewhat of a disguise so it was even harder to find him. I had no idea what to look for.

Part of me was excited though--my old self. I hadn't seen my cousin since before he turned all famous and I was aching to talk to him about the experience. I'd never have to guts to do what he's done with his band, and I was practically gushing with pride in him. I wasn't exactly happy to be living with him and all the crazy boys, but I knew it would fun. Well, if they didn't drive me insane.

I was about to head out of the clear glass double doors that lead outside of the airport when I saw two guys starring at me. They had hoods on and the shadows covered their faces so I couldn't tell who they were. All I knew is that one of them was pointing at me, and they were both looking at me. My blood turned cold and I froze, glancing around me and praying they weren't actually looking at me and they were trying to catch the attention of someone around me. No such luck, everyone else was walking around. I was the only idiot standing still in all this traffic.

Suddenly the two guys started making their way towards me, determined looks on their faces as they ducked their heads and pushed through the crowd. I tensed and started to panic. They check the people here for bombs and knifes and shit, right? Guess it doesn't matter if they have knifes or not if they drag me into their car and kidnap me. You can't check people for kidnapping I.D.'s.

Realizing I was just standing there starring at the two guys making their way over to me like a retard, I gripped my bags harder and turned around. My feet were moving before I told them to and I hurried off in the other direction, trying not to run and draw attention. Maybe I could just blend into the crowd and they wouldn't see me--running would definitely call them to me. I pushed into the group of people headed in the opposite direction of the two guys. I prayed I had lost them, but when I took a peek over my shoulder I saw them still pushing through towards me.

Squealing like a little mouse I walked faster. I still hadn't seen their faces, but I didn't doubt they could drag me off into their car if they needed to. I was dead meat if they caught me--I'm not exactly a muscular girl. I avoided sports in high school due to my klutziness and was in no shape to have to run through this airport, let alone fight being kidnapped. And it didn't help that I was thin--not exactly skinny, but not big--and it wouldn't be much to throw me over their shoulders. They looked strong enough to do it. I'm so screwed.

"Vanessa!" One of them shouted, sounding way too close for comfort. How the hell do they know my name?! I'm in England for not even thirty minutes and I already have a stalker--I hate this so damn much! Trying not to fall to the ground and just bawl my eyes out at how much life pretty much sucked now that my dad died, I practically ran towards another set of doors. This was the end--I was going to freaking die. They were going to kidnap me and kill me!

I don't want to die a virgin!

A scream rips through my throat when I feel a hand grab my arm, pulling me to a stop.

"Vanessa! Calm down, it's just me!" They hurry in front of me and yank down their hood, their eyes meeting mine. Relief floods through me and I see him smile as he pulls back up his hood. I feel like a bit of an idiot for screaming, but I'm over it a moment later when I realize my cousin that I haven't seen in years is standing right in front of me.

"Zayn!" I squealed and threw myself into his open arms. His arms held me against him tightly and it only made me squeeze him harder, burying my face into his neck. "I've missed you so much!" I wanted to cry. I hadn't seen him in so long and he had changed so much. As if having the same thoughts as me he pulled back from our hug and held me out at arms length, his eyes giving me a once over. The smile never left this face.

"I've missed you too, Butterfly." My smile grew when he called me by my childhood nickname. We had found out a long time ago that 'Vanessa' meant 'Butterfly' and since then the nickname stuck with him. "You've changed so much." Zayn's accent was the only one that was never lost on me. It didn't matter what he said or how fast he said it, I always understood him. I smirked at him.

"Yeah, you're one to talk, Mr. World-Wide Boy Band." Zayn blushed before yanking me into his arms again. I gladly hugged him back.

"I'm still the same old Zayn, love." I smiled, suddenly wanting to cry again.

"I know." I gripped him harder, never wanting to let go. He was some of the only family I had left. I didn't want to lose him.

"Butterfly, are you okay?" He wondered, running his fingers through my hair. He sounded way too worried, and I knew I was right to want to hide everything from him. He'd never be able to focus on the boys if he knew my mind was a war-zone. I pulled back and smiled up at him, having already blinked the tears and worry away.

"Yeah, I'm good." I tried to smile reassuringly, and I don't think he bought it. He was always the only person who could see right through me. Thankfully, the huffing and puffing of two people behind us interrupted before he could question me further.

"Oi, girl. What were you running from?" The two guys that were chasing me in their hoods before tugged them back for a moment and I immediately recognized them as some of Zayn's band. I blushed and bit the inside of my lip, clearly embarrassed.

"I-uh. I thought you guys were chasing me." I mumble, fingering my hair nervously.

"We were! We were trying to catch up with you to take you to Zayn." I blushed even harder and glanced away. How stupid was I? Of course they were just trying to help me. I'm the weirdo who thought I was going to get murdered.

"Yeah! Well, I thought I was going to be dragged into y'alls car and kidnapped." I chuckled nervously as Zayn busted out laughing. I shot him a glare. When he finally caught his breath his eyes twinkled at me as he introduced me to the two very yummy looking guys in front of me. How had I not noticed they were part of his band before? They were exactly the way they looked in all the pictured, if not then a lot hotter.

"Well let me show you your 'kidnappers' then." Zayn giggled, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I rolled my eyes at him and tried not to stomp on his foot. Same old Zayn alright--all he does is make fun of me. "This is Niall, and that's Liam."

Of course I already knew each of their names. As I said, they're hot. And a couple days ago I was stalking all of them, trying to get a little warning of how it would be to live in a house with them.

"Hello, love." Liam smiled, giving me a hug first. I hugged him back a bit timidly--I may have stalked him and the others but I didn't know them. Niall tugged me into his arms as a 'hi' next, except his lips found my cheek, too. I tried to hold down a blush, but I don't think it worked.

"Nice to meet you, princess." He grinned, making me sure I was blushing like an idiot. Zayn glared at Niall then yanked me into his arms, hugging me from behind.

"Her name isn't 'princess'. It's Butterfly." I watched Niall stick his tongue out at Zayn, earning both of them an eye roll from Daddy Direction himself. He was trying to keep a smile off his face though.

"I'll call her whatever I would like, simply because she likes me more." Niall barked playfully, his Irish accent doing things to me it shouldn't. Completely catching me off guard he grabbed my hand and yanked me away from Zayn. My hands found his chest as I stumbled, and he smiled down at me before glaring over at Zayn. "See?"

"Butterfly, you cheater!" Zayn shrieked, pouting at me. I blushed and shoved Niall away gently, stepping away from him. Swooning over a guy I just met wasn't good, especially since I didn't plan on sticking around for very long. Even if he was gorgeous.

"Alright, alright." Liam stepped in, gazing between the two boys. They looked ready to start wrestling in the middle of a crowded airport. "Let's get out of here before someone sees us, shall we?" I nodded at him and he smiled thanks, then went back to looking at the boys. They seemed to be talking with their eyes, and I felt a bit awkward between them. I took a step back. Liam just rolled his eyes before fixing them on Niall.

"We'll go get Nando's if you cut it out." Immediately Niall stopped glaring at my cousin, turning excited eyes on Liam. I blinked at his sudden change in attitude, and saw Zayn smirking.

"Do you promise?" Niall asked Liam, sounding like a little kid. It was endearing.

"Yes, Niall. Now let's go." Niall hopped up and down for a minute, unable to contain his excitement, then grabbed one of my bags that I had forgotten I left on the ground. "To Nando's we go then!" He took off for the door with my bag, all but skipping there. I felt my mouth fall open very unattractively. Zayn grabbed my other bag before screaming,

"I call shot gun!" He hurried after Niall, shoving him sideways when he finally did. I just starred at them, stunned. I heard Liam chuckling at me.

"Are those you're only bags?" He asked me, gesturing at the boys that were pushing each other like little kids down by the double doors. I nodded.

"Yeah, those are it. Had to leave a lot of my stuff in storage back in America--couldn't bring all of it." I heard myself saying, wondering why I even bothered. I doubted he even cared. He nodded politely.

"I understand. How do you like it here so far?" He looked surprisingly genuine as he walked with me to the doors. I pulled my blue purse/bag higher up on my shoulder so it wasn't knocking my knees out.

"Fine, I guess. Haven't seen much yet, obviously." Liam grins at my smart mouth. I hadn't meant to say that, but my mouth had a mind of it's own. He didn't seem to mind and just smiled at me.

"We'll show you around after you're settled in. You'll love it, I'm sure." I was pretty sure I wasn't, but I wouldn't burst his bubble. He seemed excited and I didn't want to kill it for him that I hated moving here. I just smiled at him and kept walking.

"Oh, my God! Is that Niall and Zayn?! For One Direction?!" I heard someone screech loudly, catching almost everyone in the whole damn airport's attention. That didn't sound good. Both mine and Liam's eyes darted to Zayn and Niall, who looked around nervously. Their hoods were down, having beating each other up to the point that they fell. They glanced at Liam and looked ready to run. From the fans that were running towards them or from Liam, I wasn't sure.

"Perfect." Liam mumbled, wrapping his arms around my shoulders. "Stay close to me and keep your head down, alright?" I nodded, too panicked to do anything else. I felt like we were about to get trampled. Niall and Zayn already were. Liam must have sensed my panic, because as he led me over to another set of doors he smiled down at me. "As long as they don't notice me we'll be fine."

In a matter of minutes we were outside. I breathed a sigh of relief and ran my fingers through my slightly tangled brown hair. It was wavy today, sitting on my shoulders like a good kid. I smiled at it as Liam pulled out his phone, hitting a speed dial.

"Hey Paul! Change of plans. Vanessa and I are out at the North entrance and Niall and Zayn are surrounded by fans at the east." Liam paused, nodding his head to whatever 'Paul' was saying. "Alright. Yeah, go ahead and pick us up first, then we can try and save the two idiots. Okay, thank you, Paul! Bye." Liam hung up, looking over at me. I glanced around everywhere, awkwardly avoiding eye contact, then met his eyes again before breaking out into a wide, fake grin. He laughed and rolled his eyes.

"One of our bodyguards will be here in a minute with the van. Then we'll pick up those idiots I call friends then head home. I'm considering not even going to Nando's since they decided to cause trouble."

"Watch it, that's my cousin you're bad mouthing." I threaten, trying not to smile. He catches on and laughs.

"Then I'm sure you'd agree with me that he's an idiot." I grin and shrug, not agreeing or disagreeing. The van pulls up in front of us, and when I see it's black I get nervous.

"Don't worry love, you'll be fine, I promise. Zayn would kill me otherwise." I nod and let him pull open the door, then climb in. It's actually a lot bigger then it looks and I plop down on the first seat I see. Liam climbs in and sits across from me. "Hey Paul! This is Vanessa." The driver turns to shake my hand with a smile. I smile back, feeling too intimidated to not. "Vanessa, this is Paul, one of our bodyguards."

"Hello." I mumble. He just smiles and then turns back around, starting to drive again. Silence envelops the car, and I get lost in my thoughts a bit. Soon enough we're pulling up to what I guess is the east entrance. It's pretty obvious when I see a whole crowd of girls right outside the door. They were al freaking out.

"I'm guessing their in the middle of that?" I tell Liam. He smirks before turning to me.

"Yeah. Are you a fan?" I grimace and continue to stare out the window.

"I am, but not to that degree." He laughs and watches as Paul gets out of the van and parts the crowd like it's nothing. I would definitely stay out of his way. Zayn and Niall tumble out of it, their nervous expressions still in place as Paul guides them toward the van. Liam opens the door for them and they climb in quickly, tossing my luggage into the back.

"Butterfly! Where have you been?" Zayn hugs me, avoiding eye contact with Liam. Liam just glares at him and Niall.

"Don't try to use me as your excuse not to get yelled at." I push him off, earning me an irritated look.

"What a nice cousin you are." Zayn grumbles. I break out in a full grin, just to torture him. Liam winks at me, thanking me for throwing Zayn under the bus.

"Way to go, you two." Liam grumbles, back to being serious. Neither boy looks at him, slumped against the seats like they're about to be whipped. I stifle a laugh with my hand, earning me a playful glare from Niall and a leer from Zayn. "Would you like to know what the consequence is for blowing our cover?"

"Technically we only blew our own cover. You and Vanessa weren't seen." Zayn smart asses, earning another glare from Liam. I laugh for real this time. Suddenly Liam smirks.

"That's true. Then I guess only Vanessa and I will get Nando's, and you two can sit there and watch." Liam grins in triumph as both boys whip their heads to look at him, their mouths wide open. I crack up, their pitiful looks too much.

"What?!" Niall shrieks, making me cringe. The boy could break the car windows like that. "But you promised!"

"That's what happens when you decide to act like idiots and get us caught." Both boys slump in their seats, clearly upset. I just laugh harder. Niall turns his glare on me.

"I'm not sure I like you too much anymore, princess." I grin at him, my giggles slowing down. I hop to the other side of the car, sitting next to Liam.

"That's okay. I have Liam." I stick my tongue out at them as I wrap my arms around Liam's middle. He chuckles, wrapping a single arm around my shoulders. They continue to glare at him.

"Traitor." Niall and Zayn mumble at the same time. Liam and I laugh at their expense as we pull up to Nando's.


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