ready or not

Leanna is enjoying her life. The biggest compitition she has ever had to train for is at the end of summer. Leanna and her horse Beauty have to train all day for even a chance but when her fater agrees to watch 5 boys will it ruin her chances. will she ever have a chance of her scholarship.


2. Riding

Authors time

Hey guys so im new to all of this so please no hate. I just wrote about what i knew and thats Horses and One direction. I dont really know where this book is going i dont have it all mapped out but i do have a rough idea. I am kinda winging it and hopeing for the best thank you for reading!!



We walked out to the barn it was still really cold out but the tempature had gone up since 8:30. It was now 10:30 and i could tell the boys were nervous about riding. "all of my horses are safe boys'' i told them. I hoped it would calm there nerves. the horses dont like nervous people. The 5 of them were walking behind me until i heard fast footsteps behind me. "Leanna wait up'' i heard someone call in a irish accent. "yeah'' I turned around and there was a very handsome blonde hair blue eye guy. I couldnt remember his name i was trying to think hard he must of seen my face beause then he told me" I'm Niall" he said with a little glim in his eyes. "Oh yeah sorry i forgot" " Its ok there are five of us and you only meet us today" he told me. "so how do you ride?" he asked. i broke down laughing but his face was serious "oh you really dont know well ill show you'' ''looking forward to it" he said as we reached the barn. I opened the door and Neighs filled our ears. "are they always this loud" Zayn asked. "yep" i said poping the p. I went into the tack room and pulled out 5 saddles and the horses bridles and girthes. I thought about riding Beauty but i just worked her. I tacked up all horses with no help from the boys. "how did you do that so fast ?" Harry asked. "Lots of pratice" i answered him.

I took all 5 horses to the indoor arena. 2 at a time with the boys just watching. I dont know what i expected but this wasnt it. It was going to be Harry and Rio, Niall and Cookie Dough, Liam and Sunny since he seemed the most nervous, Louie and speedy, and Zayn and Cupid. I help each get on and walked each around once or twice the got the hang or it kinda but they were in good hands i trusted each of my horses. I told the boys i was leaving to go see Beauty and each of them Just said ok and fine. So i left not thinking .

I heard a scream not long after i left and ran as fast as i could to the arena. when I ran in I saw Liam on the ground in pain but ok. Then i saw sunny right next to him with her head in his face licking him. I ran over to Liam but the others boys beat me to it. "Liam get up" i told him bluntly I knew he was in pain but he had to get up. "what the hell he cant get up do u see him in pain call for help" Zayn yelled at me. "no Liam get up" i told him calmly but then i helped him up. "harry hold sunny" "what he cant get back up there she will kill him" he told me with anger in his voice. "he has to" i said simply Harry followed my orders and Liam was back on sunny. I walked him around about ten times. "she just got spooked she didnt mean to hurt you Liam and i made you get back on beacause if you didnt you never would" i told him looking forward "I know this isnt anyones fault it was an mistake no big deal im fine just a couple of brusies. I looked up into those big brown eyes and actually felt something but then i pushed it back down where it belongs.

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